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Unresolved Questions that Force You to Consider Ancient Civilizations
Posted In: Ancient Civilizations  7/16/15

Many Structures and artifacts that have survived the onslaught of nature and the elements speak to us of a mysterious past long gone; we’ll talk about these things in this article. What is intriguing is that many of these structures such as the dolmens found all over the world, the pyramids, the antikythera mechanism, the swastika, fertility goddesses, and also shoeprints found in stone that date back to millions of years before man is considered to have walked the surface of the earth.

Interestingly, many of the relics from the past recur across continents in places as diverse as Spain, Korea, India, England, France, Italy, Mexico, and the United States. How could’ve people in that dim past done the same things, felt the same way about motifs? And these artifacts and relics were created over centuries, with no known contact between the people who created them. In fact, we are not even clear on who exactly created them; all we have is a lot of conjectures. Civilizations separated by thousands of miles and in some cases thousands of years and yet they operated on the same mental wavelengths. How and why?

For example, dolmens or cromlens, megalithic tombs that consist of two vertical stones in parallel that support the weight of a flat rock placed on them. These are open chambers that are considered to have been used for burial purposes. The oldest ones date back to more than 7000 years.

The use of metal clamps in ancient architecture to hold together two rocks in place is a mystery of astonishing proportions. One, the stone or megaliths that these metal clamps connect are huge, so big that some of them can scarcely be lifted and put in place even with all the available technology today; and two because of the technique used in clamping those rocks together. Holes cut into the rock were filled with molten metal that hardened and held the rock in place. Research of such metal clamps from pre-Columbian America reveals that the metal used was invariably an alloy and contained metals like arsenic, nickel, and silicon. And in some places like Bolivia, where nickel is not available to be mined, it is difficult to account for its presence in the alloy. Also, there is no accounting for how platinum got into some of the molten mixes; this metal melts at temperatures above 1700 degree Celsius.

The same technique has been used across sites that include Egypt, India, Italy, Greece, Cambodia, and across places in South America. How did the ancients learn? Who taught them?

The Sphinx is yet another architectural form that appears repeatedly across distant places; the Great Sphinx of Egypt is easily the most famous, but the motif recurs through history. In India, man-beasts are found in texts such as the Ramayan. Sparta, Greece, Italy and of course Egypt are other places where sphinxes of different shapes and sizes have been found.


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