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Ancient Roman Clothing Facts
Posted In: Ancient Civilizations  12/31/08
By: Yona Williams

Have you ever wondered what the ancient Romans wore in the past? In this article, you will encounter some of the clothing styles of past Roman days, which include details about togas, tunics, and more. 

Just like in 'Animal House,' early Romans wore togas. This piece of clothing was a simple piece of material that measured about nine yards long. The togas were cut into a semicircular shape and then arranged in such a way that it hung on the body to form stylish attire. Sadly, just like other garments – the toga went out of style because it became difficult to wear. Mainly, the many folds posed an issue. This was not the only reason that ancient Romans discarded the notion of a toga – they weren’t the warmest pieces of clothing either.

After the toga, ancient Romans moved on to the tunic – a more comfortable piece of clothing that did not possess the bulky appearance or heaviness of the toga. Depending on the season, the tunic was fashioned from linen or wool. Social status was made into the tunic as well, as various colors of stripes would serve as an indication regarding the amount of money the wearer possessed. Sometimes, togas and tunics were combined to create an ensemble for a formal event. Other features of tunics include:

·    Slave apparel consisting of two pieces of fabric sewn together at the shoulders. An opening was present for the head and arms.

·    Wealthy women wore tunics of a longer length over their male counterparts.

If you lived in Europe, France, England, or Germany during ancient Roman days, then you would notice that many residents put on hooded cloaks full of warmth. Moving closer to Rome, you would have seen the people wearing short, dark, woolen coverings, which were known as lacernae. These pieces of clothing were worn over togas – connected at the shoulder or buckled under the chin. Lacernae were comprised of brightly colored fabrics. Embroidery or fringe served as embellishments.

Fans and parasols were popular with ancient roman women. The fans were comprised of peacock feathers, wood, or stretched linen.

Sandals were important as the footwear of choice during ancient Roman days. Women put on sandals with bright colors, which were mostly worn about the house. At times, their sandals used pearls for decoration. When it came time to venture outside, both men and women slipped into boots.

The children wore tunics with boys putting on garments that reached their knees. As a youth, a boy wore a tunic that was white with a red border. When he was considered a man, he no longer wore these colors and simply donned an all-white tunic. Girls wore tunics that were belted at the waist. If they went out in the open, a second tunic was placed over the first.


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