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Aromatics of the Ancient Egyptians
Posted In: Ancient Civilizations  1/29/09
By: Yona Williams

We can learn a great deal from our ancient ancestors when it comes to healing the mind, body, and soul. Let's take the ancient Egyptians for example. They knew how to take aromatic oils and work wonders with preserving the body – both in death and in life. In this article, we will take a look at how the Egyptians of the past used aromatic oils to heal, treat fevers, and more.


The gods played an important role in the lives of ancient Egyptians and they were constantly finding new ways to pay homage to their gods and goddesses, as well as give offerings. One of the items that the Egyptians used when they made offerings to the gods were aromatic fragrances. Basil was a popular choice, which they would also mix with the essences of myrrh for when it came time to embalm bodies.

Other ancient cultures that used the aromatic oils of basil include the Greeks, who used the oil for their body massages and baths. The nobles within the Greek culture also wore basil oil as perfume. Ancient Indians also believed that basil would offer protection of the soul. It was also considered quite sacred to their Hindu gods – Krishna and Vishnu.

The Effect of Basil

Basil serves as a decent nerve tonic and can also cure an individual of a bad case of fatigue, anxiety, and depression. If you suffer from bronchitis, gout, colds, indigestion, or a fever, consider the effects of basil. Some have also used it as a cure for snake bites.

How to Use Basil

To use basil to your advantage, consider inhalation, massage, or a bath. When used in a bath, look forward to an invigorating effect. It can really rev up circulation and bring a glow to dull skin. If you combine the oil with another selection (like thyme), you can treat medical concerns that require an antiseptic.


During ancient times, the Egyptians believed that chamomile was a sacred flower and they dedicated it to the Sun God. When conducting ritual ceremonies, the flower played an important role. As a medicinal treatment, they looked towards the chamomile flower as a way to stop fits and ease fevers.

The Effect of Chamomile

Chamomile possesses sedative and anti-inflammatory properties. If you are a parent, using chamomile is gentle enough to use on children and has been proven to bring improvement in the following ailments: earache, burns, allergies, diarrhea, dermatitis, indigestion, insomnia, toothache, rheumatism, and ulcers.

How to Use Chamomile

There are certain types of chamomile that are used for herbal infusions. However, it is the oil that proves beneficial for those looking for bath, beauty, and body, and hair products that do not send allergies in a tailspin. When using chamomile to treat a child, make sure to dilute the oil.

Aromatics of the Ancient Chinese

Key essential oils, aromatics, ancient Chinese, China, cinnamon, orange, Old Testament, Roman, Egyptians, Greeks, East Indies, depression, tonic

Desc This article offers information on some of the ways that the ancient Chinese used aromatics, including cinnamon and orange.


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