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Great Changes Throughout History and the Future
Posted In: Ancient Civilizations  5/15/11
By: Chris Capps

The more people you talk to in the world about current events, there is a swiftly moving stream of consciousness that seems to eddy and flow along with the calendar.  Not only do most suggest there may be a time of great change in our near future, most have very specific ideas of how precisely it may manifest.  But while you may not be able to predict everything about the future, there are a few things you can start to begin to count on while depending on faith very little as 2011 rolls on.  And we can do this by looking back on history and seeing how civilizations reacted to change throughout.

With technological changes coming up, it might be worthwhile to look at the great technological shifts that took place in our past.  With the invention of the horseless carriage, many felt the device was an impossible contraption - a device of pure fantasy.  The same was said of the steam locomotive, radio, the telephone, and even X-Rays.  And yet as technological revolutions came about as the result of each, it soon became clear that humans were not only well adapted to create these devices, but society as a whole was quick to adopt them as well.  When the Wright Brothers first developed a lighter than air vehicle, the newspapers in some regions ran stories of it as a novelty - or as an incredible story in the vein we see today of free energy or of medical breakthroughs in science.  And yet every major technological barrier that has been broken was said to be impossible by someone.  From this lesson we learn that not only will society create devices that will astound us, but in fact it will do so and not be believed by the population.  And in these cases it was the curious and the early adopters who benefited most from the empires that sprang up in their wake (sometimes more literally than others).

And while the planet shifts its consciousness in a more spiritual and open direction where personal understanding with others can grow and thrive we are starting to see the creation of a more spiritual being as well.  But unlike the physical inventions of a time, the introduction of philosophies can cause several fold more changes to the landscape and daily lives of those living within a society undergoing a major change.

But perhaps the most hopeful element of the upcoming changes is how humanity reacts to adversity.  Just as we always see the often portrayed worst of humanity in the face of disaster, we can also see the best as well.  In the wake of the Hiroshima bombing - one of the largest scale manmade disasters of the century and within reach of one of the largest manmade disasters to ever befall a civilization there was a strong push to save the victims of this conflict as well.  Teams soon assembled from all over volunteering their safety, time, and comfort to help the effort providing medical care to those affected.  After all of the fear that's going on about the world as it continues its oldest tradition - never staying the same for very long.


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