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Arrest Warrents And Liens On International FED Banks

By Unexplainable.Net    5/1/12

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David Wilcock just released a new piece informing the world that International Branches of the Federal Reserve now have arrest warrants against them, as well as liens placed.


  • Arrest warrants have now been issued against the international branches of the Federal Reserve -- the European Central Banks, BIS, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Japan.
  • Indeed, a small group of international bankers have seized control of the planet and its resources. Their plan has been in place for 300 years, and was followed with ruthless efficiency.
  • It appears that they are about to be overthrown by an international coalition of 138 nations -- who have banded together to end Financial Tyranny.
  • Keenan's lawsuits intended to return control of the world's wealth to the people -- and directly pave the way for the release of classified technologies that can transform our biosphere, and usher in a true Golden Age.
  • Federal Reserve bonds were issued to the countries who surrendered their gold -- from one of the twelve Federal Reserve banks in the United States.
  • The bonds were given deliberate mistakes so that if anyone tried to cash them, they could be seen as fraudulent.
  • A certain number of bonds were printed on inkjet printers and included in the collection -- so they could be further used as "proof" that they were fraudulent.
  • As the spot price of gold has increased, the Federal Reserve has been obligated to issue more and more bonds to the original holders in Asia -- but they are worthless.
  • The Federal Reserve has done its best to suppress the price of gold -- so as to avoid this situation continuing to spiral out of control, requiring them to print more and more bonds for the original holders.
  • This situation has reached a peak point of crisis. The aggrieved countries have formed an alliance to stop the corruption.
  • These new liens were filed within the Admiralty Law system, which is extremely complicated and mysterious. 
  • Admiralty Law system has been kept almost entirely secret from the public -- including law schools -- but the information is available if you know where to look.

The report went on to display the paperwork of the liens + more details I suggest everyone to read here- http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1051-g7banks . You will also be able to download a zip file of an interview with Winston Shrout explaining the Bond Scandal and Admiralty Law System.

It seems freedom is coming soon.


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