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9/5/12- Steve Quayle VS. Drake Bailey- Atleast One Is Wrong!  
We know Russian and Chinese Troops are positioned on American Soil ready to move in. We also know that DHS and Social Security Admin have purchased MILLIONS of rounds of HOLLOW POINT Bullets- that are designed to Kill. When we search for WHY- we find 2 possible answers:
7/7/12- 7/6/12 Drake Video Interview: "No Green Light," But UFOs On Several Fronts  
I had an opportunity to speak with the enigmatic Drake (his last name may vary) on Independence Day; a date which he said would be a new Independence Day for the entire world once the military began performing "Mass Arrests" of bankers and politicians who have been doing their best to enclave the world. When those arrests didn't happen as predicted, I asked him why.
5/1/12- Arrest Warrents And Liens On International FED Banks  
David Wilcock just released a new piece informing the world that International Branches of the Federal Reserve now have arrest warrants against them, as well as liens placed.
5/1/12- Winston Shrout Discusses The Federal Reserve Bond Scandal  
Neil F. Keenan sent us this interview to share with those following the story that can end the Financial Tyranny. This show covers tons of great information about the Federal Reserve Bond Scandal that will end the operations of the world as we know it.
4/24/12- Insider Drake- Mortgage Forgiveness Coming to America!  
Insider Drake spoke on 4/22/2012 for a few hours to update us on the Mass Arrests and the New systems coming out. Here are the Bullet Points of this show + the download links coming soon..
4/20/12- The End Of The Federal Reserve May Start The Golden Age  
This is a play by play of the events in the Keenan Case and Ben Fulford Reports. This case will tie history together and be part of the GREAT UNVEILING OF 2012. You Don't Want To Miss It!
4/19/12- USA Navy Blowing Up WW2 Bunkers Near Spratly Islands  
There is a Philippine / Russian Standoff Near Spratly Islands As USA Blasts Closed WW2 Bunkers Looking For Gold In The Same Area. The Tribes Of The Spratly Islands Report 8 USA Ships.
4/18/12- Keenan Case Judge Is Obama's Economic Advisors Brother!  
It appears Barak Obama's Economic Advisor's Brother Was Appointed With Unanimous Consent On February 15, 2012 to take the Federal Court District Seat. Now He Has Been Appointed To Judge The Keenan Case!
4/17/12- Benjamin Fulford Update 4/17/2012- Heating Up  
Benjamin Fulford Update 4/17/2012
The battle for control of the global financial system and thus the future of the planet has reached a temporary deadlock as the committee of 300 struggles to maintain power even as the rest of the world continues to push for a fair, free and open financial system controlled by the people of the planet. The situation has reached the point where physical action against the committee (mainly in the form of mass arrests) has become the only possible recourse.
4/17/12- The OITC Website In 2008  
Ben Fulford's mass arrests claim points to the OITC. Here is a wayback shot of what the OITC looked like back then. Then in 2009 the site changed from a respected site to a crap shoot. WOW Gotta READ
4/17/12- Updated Keenan Case Docket + New Judge Assigned  
We got our hands on today's latest Court Docket for the Neil Keenan Case. Apparently the judge has been reassigned. Originally the case was assigned to Judge Howell BUT According to the Docket filed as of TODAT April 17th 2012, the case has been assigned to: Judge Jesse M. Furman. See The DOCKETS ---->>
4/17/12- Keenan Case Against Office Of International Treasury Control Verified! UNOITC  
Apparently Keenan's case is REAL... I emailed a personal contact with the original Keenan court case letter and asked them to see if it was real. My contact came back with a REAL COURT DOCKET. I verified it myself and have the latest docket as of today!
4/14/12- David Wilcock - Liens Filed Against ALL Federal Reserve Banks!  
Apparently liens have been filed against the 12 Federal Reserve Banks. Last Night David Wilcocks Site "Divine Cosmos" published their latest piece- Basically telling us the process is under way and that critical steps that need to be completed before the arrests are being completed.
4/1/12- Mass Arrests Of Global Bankers Imminent  
According to Benjamin Fulford and other less-known sources, mass arrests of the illuminati banking cartel will take place very soon. These arrests are part of a master plan that involves rolling out a new financial system and bring the power back to the people. According to details released, the Rockafeller / Rothchild banking regime has been given until the end of March to leave power or face arrest. As this window closes, there is a count of over 1000 bankers worldwide who resigned in response to the threat.

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