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Insider Drake- Mortgage Forgiveness Coming to America!
Posted In: Benjamin Fulford Story  4/24/12
By: Unexplainable.Net

Insider Drake spoke on 4/22/2012 for a few hours to update us on the Mass Arrests and the New systems coming out. Here are the Bullet Points of this show + the download links below.

The Mass Arrests And The New System

  • Mass Arrests will happen with higher ups first. No one below Governor level on the First Sweep
  • After the arrests, locals have to come together to find out who is who and what side they are on
  • We are going from a DEBT system to a VALUE system
  • All financial power will be reduced to ZERO
  • All company Holdings / Stocks will be reduced to ZERO
  • All Default Swaps and other Banking Derivative gains will go to ZERO
  • Companies will have to pay the profits back to the bank
  • Assets of company CEO's, share holders, managers, and anyone else who profited from it will be taken
  • Monies will return to their customer accounts
  • Rich dogs will be laying on the curb
  • Banks NOT affiliated with the Federal Reserve will NOT be taken out
  • Bank Of America and Other Biggies will pay for Crimes Against Humanity
  • Foreclosed Homes will be given back to their owners
  • Buyers of foreclosed homes will have to find new homes
  • Mortgages will become a MUTE point
  • Future mortgages will be issues through the Post Office
  • Mortgages will be used against your "Credit" given to you when you received a "Birth Certificate"
  • The Entire System WILL NOT Collapse
  • People will be placed in temporary positions until the people vote on their own leaders
  • Voting Booths will be open 24/7 to decide the new laws and governing systems of the towns and states
  • Advised to get "JUNK SILVER" to use as trade currency when the system goes down
  • Look at Iceland as an example. They forgave most mortgages and set themselves free
  • All Federal Taxes will disappear
  • Mortgages will be FORGIVEN
  • We will use the SAME currency until it can be phased out
  • We will adopt to "COMMON LAW". If no property damage or injury occurs- there is NO CRIME
  • School systems will be gutted and they will stop teaching how to be criminals
  • MONSANTO and other EVIL COMPANIES will be Taken Down
  • Many countries will also follow us- This will be a WORLD REVOLUTION
  • We need Localization Efforts
  • We will live by the Golden Rule. Do On To Others As You Would Want Them To Do Onto You

The Japan Tsunami & Nuclear Crisis

  • Japan is NOT safe anywhere. The public is NOT being told
  • The problem stretches into ALL the islands between Japan and the Western USA
  • All of Americas, Most of Canada, and ALL over Europe is seeing Nuclear Fallout
  • Fukashima radiation is the worst type that will rip right through you. Light radiation exposure will damage you permanently
  • The Japan Nuclear Problem and The Earthquake on 3/11 was the Cabal demanding money from Japan
  • Nuclear devices were used to cause the Japan Nuclear Meltdown
  • The cabal set off the nuke even before they demanded the money from Japan
  • A bomb was also used under the ocean floor to cause the tsunami

Secret Societies and Religions

  • Most secret societies will be dismantled
  • 2 major societies have already split up
  • Drake can NOT go into Free Masons at this time
  • Check into "Bilderberg" and "Council of 300" if your interested in who the bad guys are
  • Vatican has 2 popes. A black pope and a white pope
  • When the Roman Empire Broke and Fell- The EAST side became the Jesuits
  • Jesuits are DIRECTLY connected to Christianity and the Catholic Church
  • Religions went through a TRIPLE Split or Division

Spiritual And Past Cultures

  • Writings from 12,000 BC refer to their "Ancients". So life goes back MILLIONS of years
  • The planet is a few BILLION years old
  • From Vatican Searches- ALL past cultures referrer to a "CREATOR"
  • In History- Woman dominated societies
  • GAIA is REAL. The Earth is Alive
  • Earth is like a "CAT" about to shake off the fleas
  • It's expected to happen THIS YEAR
  • This Planet is the LAST PLACE where Darkness Exists
  • When we finish it, EVIL will NO LONGER Exist
  • Over-population is NOT a Problem. We have an ABUNDANCE of resources
  • Nature takes care of over population by itself
  • We are expected to go through the 4th density to the 5th
  • The dimension jump is because of the elimination of darkness
  • Regarding the Annunaki- The demigods should have protected us and helped us instead of enslaving us
  • Chemtrails turn into clouds- which are used for Weather Manipulation
  • Man is expected to live hundreds of years again

Hidden Cures / Technologies

  • It's PROVEN GMOS are bad for you and hurt the environment
  • Only Eat GRASS FED or Open Graze Fed meat
  • The differential between Earth and the Air can produce usable electricity
  • People with CANCER will be cured
  • The host (Not Drake) claims BAKING SODA CURES CANCER
  • The Host also says PEPSI PRODUCTS have aborted FETAL cells added for flavoring
  • New Remedies will let your body operate in a manner where Cancer Can Not Exist
  • Whole grown Cloves and RED CLOVER have many health benefits and cures alergies
  • Colloidal Silver will purify and keep water fresh


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