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Category: Information and Theories

2/20/14  Why Does Jared Leto Constantly Embrace Illuminati and Occult Symbolism?

2/19/14  The Illuminati and Occult Imagery of Magic Hat Brewing Company

2/18/14  Disturbing Photos of Kanye West's Interview Magazine Feature Circulate the Internet & Spark a Bit of Controversy

2/16/14  Craigslist Killer Says More than 20 Murders Attributed to Traveling Satanic Cult

2/14/14  Taylor Momsen is Still Supporting a Dark Agenda with her Upcoming Album

2/12/14  Devil Worship Leads Two Teens in Houston, Texas to Take the Life of 15-Year- Old Girl

2/10/14  Billboard Music Recognizes Suspected Illuminati Puppets, Katy Perry and Rihanna, as Having the Most #1 Pop Hits

2/9/14  Syria Oil Pipeline False Flag- Leading To The Anti-Christ

2/9/14  Dope Dummays Plans on Jumping on the Illuminati Clothing Train

2/7/14  Celebrities Continue to Embrace the 'Illuminati Vow of Silence'

2/6/14  8-bit ZOMBIE Clothing Still Connects with Illuminati Symbolism Past

2/3/14  Rock Band Made Controversial Satanic T-Shirts Honoring Bronco's Quarterback Peyton Manning

2/2/14  Signs of the Illuminati Found in the 2014 Super Bowl Production

1/31/14  Beyonce: Decoding the Meaning Behind 2014 Grammy Award Performances

1/30/14  Katy Perry: Decoding the Meaning Behind 2014 Grammy Award Performances

1/28/14  Do You Think Trading Card Games Send a Satanic Message?

1/27/14  The Fashion World Has Seemed to Have Lost Its Satanic, Illuminati, Mind-Controlling Minds

1/26/14  Kourtney Kardashian's Coveteur Photo Shoot Has an Illuminati & MK Ultra Feel to It.

1/26/14  Poor Eschatology- WARNING on what to watch for

1/22/14  How Did 'Boy Meets World' Actors Get Entangled in an Illuminati Conspiracy?

1/20/14  What's Up with Daft Punk and the Illuminated Pyramids?

1/19/14  There's Talk in South Africa of a 'Satanic' Plot' Headed by Drug Companies

1/17/14  Satanic-Related Bath Products Depict Inverted Pentagrams, Baphomet & Anton Lavey

1/16/14  'Devil's Due' Movie about Woman Having Satan's Baby Still Proves the Concept Sells

1/15/14  Satanic Part-Time Worker at Nursing Home Caught Posting Online Photos of the Dead

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