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Karma Clraring

Category: Information and Theories

1/13/14  Fan Become Judge, Jury, and Executor of Black Metal Singer He Accused of Not Being Satanic Enough

1/12/14  Have You Seen the Anti-Illuminati Murals Painted by Mear One?

1/10/14  You Do Not Want Your Daughter to Watch Beyonce's Illuminati-Filled Music Video for 'Haunted'

1/9/14  Portugal, the Man's 'Evil Friends' Song Used for Taco Bell Commercial

1/6/14  J. Cole the 'Born Sinner' is Named one of Forbes "30 Under 30" Young and Ambitious Stars

1/3/14  New Year's Eve Statements that Incorporated Illuminati Symbolism

1/2/14  Ron Pope's 'Lick my Wounds' Music Video Relies Heavily on Triangle/Pyramid & Eye Symbolism

1/1/14  Illuminati and Secret Society Symbolism in South Park

12/30/13  Don't Let Your Child/Youth/Teen Be Tricked by Today's Cartoon with Adult Themes…like Golan the Insatiable

12/29/13  Hidden Citizen Club Sends All the Wrong Messages to Today's Youths

12/27/13  Have You Noticed the Increasing Trend of Using the Word 'Illuminati' to Promote Products as Being 'Elite'?

12/26/13  The Significance of the Owl as it Pertains to the Occult and Illuminati

12/24/13  What Do You Think of Lady Gaga Collaborating with the Muppets?

12/23/13  The Creepy Single 'Eye' Symbolism Used to Represent NYE 2013 City of Sydney

12/22/13  Rick Ross and Jay Z Collaborate on 'The Devil is a Lie' and Use Disturbing Cover Art to Boot

12/18/13  Is Justin Bieber a Teen Music Sensation Molded by the Illuminati?

12/17/13  Anton LaVey's Daughter Carries on his Memory through the First Satanic Church Black X-Mas Event

12/16/13  New Meaning to Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Shredders Satanic Knit Apparel

12/15/13  Katy Perry's Popular Song 'Dark Horse' with Juicy J Includes References to the Occult

12/13/13  Tila Tequila Blaming Illuminati on Celebrity Death is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

12/11/13  The Curious Illuminati Symbolism Found in R. Kelly's Latest Project

12/10/13  Satanic Monument May Join Ten Commandments Monument in Oklahoma State Capitol

12/9/13  Commentary Piece Calling Out Santa as Satan Sparks Debate on Christmas Rituals

12/8/13  Does Rap Stats Tool Show that 'The Illuminati is Taking Over Hip Hop'?

12/6/13  What 'Monsters' are Eminem Battling?

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