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Category: Information and Theories

10/27/13  Why is Kendrick Lamar Constantly Being Linked to the Illuminati?

10/24/13  Kanye West Continues to Toy with Religion; and Make a Mockery of Jesus with his 'Yeezus' Tour

10/23/13  The Occult and Satanic Symbolism of KTZ Clothing Company

10/22/13  Police Suspect a Satanic Ritual Led to the Death of a 15 Year Old Boy in Ravensmead, South Africa

10/21/13  Americans Not the Only Ones Angry with U.S. Government's Spying and Breach-of-Privacy Surveillance

10/17/13  Is Halloween a Satanic Celebration? Some Say Yes and Want to Ban It

10/15/13  Kill Star Clothing Does Not Hide the Satanic/Occult Nature of Its Company

10/14/13  Just What Sort of Message are Monster High Dolls Sending to Young Girls?

10/13/13  Why I Believe The Wednesday Crucifixion

10/13/13  Dutchsinse Reports White Dragon Family Plan

10/12/13  Dr. Bill Weld Is A Fraud- Pic Proof

10/11/13  15-Year-Old Murderess Given Eight Years in Prison for Satanic Ritual Killing

10/7/13  Satanic Ritual Killing Trial in Johannesburg of Kirsty Theologo Continues

10/3/13  Businesses that Capitalize Off of, Benefit from, or Connect with Illuminati/Secret Society Symbolism

10/2/13  Magic + the Occult + the Illuminati = the Movie 'Now You See Me'

9/30/13  Does MMA Fighter Benson Henderson Embrace Illuminati Symbolism?

9/26/13  Music Stars Aren't the Only Ones Guilty of Embracing Illuminati Symbolism

9/25/13  Does Lebron James' Relationship with Jay-Z Signify an Illuminati Connection?

9/23/13  Rapper Mykki Blanco Eagerly Embraces the Dark Side as the Illuminati Prince/ss

9/19/13  There's Interesting Illuminati-Like Similarities Between Three Six Zero and Jay-Z

9/17/13  Is Rita Ora Another Victim of Sex Kitten Programming?

9/16/13  Some Speculate that Navy Yard Shooting in D.C. Could Have Involved MK-Ultra Programming

9/15/13  US Weekly Highlights All-Seeing Eye Clothing Designs, such as Kesh American Apparel

9/13/13  Teenage Exorcists Blame Harry Potter for 'Spiritual Pollution' in the UK

9/12/13  Is the Peace Sign a Satanic Symbol? A Christian School in the Netherlands Says So.

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