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Category: Information and Theories

9/11/13  Is Katy Perry Trying to Tell Us Something in her New Song, 'Roar'?

9/8/13  Have You Seen the Disturbing Women's Shirts at Urban Outfitters?

9/4/13  Amber Rose Not the Only One Embracing the Inverted Cross

9/3/13  Kylie and Kendall Jenner – Industry Puppets in the Making?

8/28/13  The Devil is Everywhere…Commercial Attempts to Hide Evil References

8/27/13  Justin Timberlake Wins Award for Music Video with Illuminati Symbolism

8/25/13  What Illuminati Symbolism Did You See at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards?

8/19/13  Controversial Death Metal Band, Deicide, Will Tour in U.S. Starting October 2013

8/18/13  The Tactic of Using Backmasking to Spread Evil and Subliminal Messages to Listeners

8/16/13  Who's Watching Over the Surveillance Programs of the United States?

8/15/13  Amanda Bynes Seems to Be Walking Down the Same MK Ultra Programming Path as Another Celebrity

8/11/13  The Latest Crop of Female Artist Music Projects Showcasing Questionable Symbolism

8/8/13  The Occult and Freemason History of the Los Angeles Central Library

8/6/13  Ghost BC: Using a Satanic Slant to Sell or Truly Promoting Satanism?

8/4/13  What Do You Think of the Mysterious Pentagram Found on Google Maps?

8/1/13  Second 'Hunger Games' Movie, 'Catching Fire' is an Example of a New World Order Society

7/31/13  Church Vandalism with Satanic Symbols in Buffalo, NY

7/28/13  Dan Brown (Author of Illuminati- and Freemason-Related Books), Soon to Have Another Conspiracy Theory Movie Out

7/23/13  All-Seeing Eye Symbolism Runs Rampant in the Clothing Line of Android Homme

7/23/13  Beating Anxiety Through Jesus Christ

7/22/13  Satanic Ritual Believed the Motive Behind a Man Killing his Mother; Sentenced 25 Years to Life

7/20/13  The Hidden Messages and Symbolism Found in the 'Man of Steel' Movie

7/19/13  The Sad Case of Courtney Stodden – Sex Kitten Programming at Its Best?

7/16/13  A Troubled Paris Jackson Tweets About the Illuminati

7/15/13  Satanic and Illuminati Symbolism found in One of 'America's Favorite Pastimes'

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