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Category: Information and Theories

7/14/13  Willow Smith's New Song and Music Video for 'Summer Fling' is Quite Disturbing for Parents of Young Girls

7/14/13  MythBusters Denied RFID Study By Elite- VIDEO

7/13/13  HOAX- Asiana 214 Crash Obvious Discrepencies

7/13/13  Christian Groups in India Alarmed by Increase in Satanic Worship and Rituals

7/12/13  Movie Release for Thundercats Film is 2015 – What Kind of Symbolism Will it Contain?

7/9/13  What's an Easy Way to Make the Satanism Acceptable? Make It Fashionable.

7/8/13  Nesara - 150 MILLION Dollar Bond PROOF

7/8/13  The Entertainment Industry is Riddled with Satanic Symbolism: The Pentagram

7/7/13  He Man- The Antichrist Deception

7/6/13  Why is the Butterfly a Symbol in Music Videos Associated with Mind Control?

7/4/13  Message From Egypt to USA

7/2/13  What Statements Are Being Made with the 2014 Lexus Car Commercials?

7/1/13  Pyramids & All-Seeing Eyes Infiltrate and Justin Bieber's thatPOWER Music Video

6/30/13  Disney Show 'Gravity Falls' is Still Exposing Children to Questionable Symbolism and Themes

6/28/13  The Recent Illuminati-Fueled Marketing Ploys of Kanye West

6/27/13  Miley Cyrus' Music Video for 'We Can't Stop' Comes Complete with Illuminati Symbolism

6/25/13  Demon Energy is a Next Level Energy Drink Highlighting Satanic-Like Symbolism

6/24/13  Early Occult- and Satanic-Related Doom Metal Groups Still Making Music in 2013

6/23/13  Black Sabbath is Number One on Billboard Charts with '13' Album & Why Are They Affliated with the Occult

6/23/13  Michael Hastings Car Crash VIA Remote Cellular Connection?

6/22/13  Leak: FEMA Calls For "90% Battle Strength" Within 5 Weeks..

6/21/13  Should We Consider the Symbolism of Monster Energy Drinks as Being Satanic?

6/19/13  Criminal in Oklahoma References the Illuminati While Holding Toddler at Knife-Point

6/17/13  The NSA Scandal Causes an Upswing in Sales for George Orwell's '1984'

6/16/13  The Next Time You Come Across a Copy of Ayn Rand's Illuminati-Referenced Novel…

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