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8/2/12- Welcome to Clive Palmer's Jurassic Park!  
Billionaire Clive Palmer has had some wild ideas. First, hes building the Titanic II and now he's going to clone dinosaurs. Need a travel destination for 2014?
5/7/12- Bigfoot "Not Protected" Under Texas Statute  
While Bigfoot enthusiasts have long warned that hunting the beloved cryptid for sport is a reprehensible thought, a few monster hunters have openly stated their intentions to hunt the hairy hominid no matter the moral repercussions to put a lid on the mystery and solve it once and for all. And according to a letter from Texas Wildlife Officials in the Texas Parks and Wildlife District, there may be no law against it.
5/7/12- Authorities Stumped by Cattle Mutilation  
Authorities are looking for answers after a cow was discovered with some unusual markings dead in a field. After examining the cow closer, it has been determined that this may be a genuine case of cattle mutilation, and the multitude of suspects are as vast as the mystery surrounding the case. And it has a few details in common with other cattle mutilations of its kind.
5/5/12- UK Woman Visited by Horrifying Creature  
When we look out our windows first thing in the morning we generally expect to know what we're going to see. But when one UK woman took a look outside her window in Hale County she was shocked to see not a normal cat or dog, but a mystery. Unidentified animals in the UK are nothing new, but this one sounds like something that could have walked straight from some of the old world's older legends.
5/5/12- The Ghosts of Bigfoot's Past  
When a witness describes seeing bigfoot, it's all too often in similar terms that manifest only when seeing a ghost. And yet the popular school of thought still suggests that the hairy hominid is a physical being walking the wilderness and watching out for others who might witness it. Some investigators, however, have suggested that Bigfoot could be quite different from what we think when we hear the word. Maybe the origins of Bigfoot lie somewhere in its history.
4/17/12- India Politicians Offer Reward for Vampire Capture  
Vampires have been hitting the mainstream in a big way for decades now, securing themselves a position in our hearts and our minds. But while the vampires of yore share very little in common with the pop culture representations of a few of the more contemporary franchises, one city is having trouble with a disturbing new breed of vampire that locals say are stalking their streets. As a result, local politicians are offering a $2,000 reward for anyone who can capture one of the creatures.
3/8/08- Return Of The Lizard Man - Are We Safe?  
This creature walks and stands on it's hind legs as a human would look. It is roughly 7 to 8 feet tall, and has large red glowing eyes. It is covered with green scaly skin, and it is on the move again!
3/8/08- The Mongolian Death Worm - What Is It?  
It lives beneath the sands of the Gobi Desert in southern Mongolia. The blood-red creature surfaces only occasionally, but when it does – beware.
Is there a connection between various small, vicious, flying monsters that have terrorized for decades? If so, what are they up to?

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