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No Warrantees Expressed Or Implied

Viewing content on Unexplainable.Net is Free. Therefore, it comes with no guarantees, warrantees, or promises. We can not guarantee that the information posted is correct, or even if it's truth. We post many theories, thoughts, and dreams. It is what it is..
Submitted Material Must Abide To Copyright Law

If you submit anything, please write it yourself. The person who submits a plagiarized article is the person responsible for the consequences. We will cooperate with authorities in catching and removing copyright offenses.
Reprinting our material in full or part

Original article hosted on www.unexplainable.Net may not be reprinted without permission. We often allow articles to be reprinted when asked so please do us the courtesy of asking. Send requests to unexplainable.net@gmail.com.

Some articles on Unexplainable.net are reprinted with exclusive permission, so reprinting them would be a violation of copyright laws. We offer no umbrella protection for copyright issues. Protect yourself and just let me know which articles you want to reprint.
If you have a copyright complaint

No worries. We will remedy all copyright complaints if any arise. There is a chance a user could have submitted copyrighted material, but we have absolutely no intentions of claiming ownership for others works. Simply email me proof of copyright and I will supply you with a reference link, or remove it upon request. email me at unexplainable.net@gmail.com if this situation arises.
Work In progress

Unexplainable.net is a work in progress. There are errors and broken links hidden deep within the categories of past articles. There are misspellings and grammatical mistakes and out images.  When you come across important errors that need immediate attention, please email me the page URL and the error description. With your help, we can slowly pull out all the weeds that crept in.

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