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Ghost Haunts Baby
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  9/7/10
By: Chris Capps

It's obviously eerie to see a ghost on film, but imagine the terror of one Dallas couple as they turned to look at the baby cam monitoring their two year old son and discovered a mysterious hovering light in the image floating around their son.  Knowing something unusual was hovering near their baby, the couple are left wondering what exactly the mysterious light could be.

It all started several months ago when Steven Divine was checking the nanny cam in the middle of the night.  The camera looks down the hallway to the crib where the child normally can be seen sleeping or moving around.  And yet this time there appeared to be something else hovering along the side of the crib looking over their son.  A mysterious curled beam of light was swirling around floating and dancing around the room in a light show that both confused and terrified the couple.  As they went to investigate, however, the mysterious light vanished both on the camera and in the room.  As the night went on, the couple eventually decided it was harmless and soon the night turned to days and weeks, then finally months before the mysterious occurrence simply became too much and they began talking to news stations about the perplexing mystery.

The house has shades designed to, when closed, shut out all light.  These have been checked repeatedly for any holes or other gaps that would allow light to filter in.  None have been discovered.  Additionally, the baby's room has been checked for light sources that could mimic the mysterious hovering light and to date nothing has been discovered that is capable of emitting anything of the sort.  Since the camera works with infrared light, whatever is hovering around the baby is possibly outside of the human field of perception.  In other words, wherever it is on the spectrum of light it's invisible to humans.  And yet it remains perfectly visible on the nanny cam as the parents watch night after night the mystery object hover and float through the room around their child.

Several people have concluded that the nanny cam is positioned, along with the baby's crib, in a place of high paranormal activity.  Thankfully, however, whatever entity is present in the child's room does not seem hostile and seems to be even protective of the couple's son.  Lately the object has been appearing primarily when strangers are in the house, as though the entity were watching over the baby to keep unknown influences away from it.  No one present, however, has proven to be quite as unknown as the object in the room, however.  As they continue to monitor their precious sleeping baby, they've learned to trust whatever anomaly is causing the light.

But the mystery seems to go even deeper than that.  While the parents cannot see the mystery object, their child seems quite capable of seeing it, pointing at it sometimes while they are in the room.  Is it possible this entity is appearing in a spectrum of light visible only to their son?


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