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Ghost Tales in the United Kingdom II
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  1/2/12
By: Yona Williams

Some ghosts can't seem to leave the place where they died or their place of employment that they loved – especially when they left the earth with feelings of guilt. In this article, you will meet a few ghosts who are thought to reappear, as well as the ghost of a murdered young woman.

The Ghost of the Vicar

Vernham Dean is a village in Hampshire located less than 10 miles from Andover. In 1665, the plague started to take the lives of the community. It is the ghost of the town vicar that is believed to haunt the village. When the plague took hold of the village, the vicar deserted the town and left the people to fight the disease on their own. After the first deaths came, he persuaded townsfolk to leave and flee to Conholt Hill. It is said that his ghost haunts the Chute Causeway that leads towards the camp at the top of the hill – hoping he can catch up to his people.

The Ghost of the Theater Manager

Westcliff on Sea was a theatre constructed during the early 20th century – opening to the public in 1912. It is said that the ghost of a former theatre manager (named George) haunts the premises. George loved working at the theatre, and was active in watching the performances and rehearsals. One day, it had become apparent that the theatre was in financial disarray. The theatre was in danger of being closed because of the poor management and George felt responsible. As a result, he hung himself from the fly floor. It is said that George has never left the theatre and still enjoys watching the performances.

The Ghost of Elizabeth Shepherd

Harlow Wood is located close to Mansfield, Nottingham. If you find yourself at the bottom of the rise that leads up to Harlow Wood (on the road between Nottingham and Mansfield), there is a memorial stone dedicated to Elizabeth Shepherd. It is this stone that is attached to a ghost tale. Elizabeth left her home in Papplewick in July in 1817 to look for work in Mansfield. It was evening time when she was making her way back home. This is when a man attacked her. She tried to fight, but he was too overpowering. He killed Elizabeth and left her on the side of the road.

When Elizabeth did not return home, her mother went out to look for her and saw her body in the distance. When her body was found, the man was eventually caught. Charles Rotherham was executed for her murder and a stone was erected where Elizabeth's body was found. Her ghost is believed to come back and visit only when her stone is moved. An inscription was placed on the memorial marker that reads: "This stone is erected to the memory of Elizabeth Shepherd, of Papplewick, who was murdered while passing this spot by Charles Rotherham, July 7th, 1817. Aged 17 years."


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