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Ghosts of the U.S. Air Force Museum in Ohio II
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  5/14/12
By: Yona Williams

Visiting the Air Force Museum, people have seen people out of the corner of their eye. These visions vanish as soon as they turn their head. Weird noises have also come out of the exhibit. Some have also detected the sound of running planes when all are on. Voices speaking in different languages have also been known to come out of the radio. These are just some of the paranormal happenings associated with the museum.


Named after the pilot in charge (Frederick Bock), the Bockscar was responsible for dropping the atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Located in the Air Power Gallery, workers of the museum claim that they have spotted the ghost of a Japanese boy that runs about after night. He is said to hide under the plane.

The Strawberry Bitch

Flying during World War II, the Strawberry Bitch is a popular plane amongst the visitors of the Air Force Museum. Ghosts are said to haunt the aircraft, which saw quite a bit of action during the war. Strange noises are known to come from the undercage of the plane – the place where the gunner was positioned. It is said to rattle and a shadowy figure has been seen inside. Some visitors believe they have also detected odd lights moving inside of the plane. The ghost of the Strawberry Bitch is also said to be one of the meanest and violent spirits residing at the Air Force Museum. One time, a janitor that used to work on the premises claims that the spirit slapped him across the face.

Lady Be Good

During World War II, Lady Be Good was a heavily used plane that saw a great deal of death while in the air. The airplane is quite significant in the history of war planes, and has often found a place in many aviation history books. In 1943, the plane went down in the Libyan Desert and instantly killed the seven people onboard. One of the remaining crewmen left the plane to find assistance. As he traveled across the desert, he became disoriented and started to walk in circles around the airplane. Eventually, his body was located nearly 40 miles from the crash site. The tracks he left behind revealed that he had walked more than 120 miles in total.

It is said that the crew of the plane walk about the museum – still dressed in the uniforms they wore during World War II. The ghosts rarely try to make contact with the living, but they cast a gloomy, dark feel around the plane. You will find the Air Power Gallery at the Air Force Museum, where airplane parts are on display in a locked glass case. Oddly enough, workers have found the parts rearranged in the morning.


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