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Haunted Churches in Indiana II
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  7/15/12
By: Yona Williams

From a female ghost that locals believe causes car trouble to ghostly figures that walk the grounds at night, the state of Indiana is no stranger to tales of haunted churches. In this article, you will encounter churches with a haunted past or current ghost tale in cities, such as Rolling Prairie, Jasper, and Centerville.

Lambs Chapel

In Rolling Prairie, Indiana, you will find the Lambs Chapel, where reports speak of a female apparition that appears in the cemetery close to the chapel. It is said that she is the ghost of a woman who had driven by one night and experienced car trouble. She was supposedly chased into the woods, where she disappeared. Now, locals believe that she is the cause of cars breaking down in the same spot where hers had died many years ago.

Shiloh Church

A trip to Jasper, Indiana will bring you to the Shiloh Church, where the building is believed haunted because of a terrible incident that happened on the premises. Legend has it that an entire congregation was trapped within the church during a fatal fire that took all of their lives. It is thought that the ghosts of the fallen worshippers haunt the grounds.

Satan Church

In Kokomo, Indiana, there is a building that locals call the Satan Church. It is believed that the grounds were a place for witches and cults to practice in the past and present. An attached cemetery has also generated buzz because of the weird, glowing eyes that have been detected. Strange noises have also been heard inside of the church.

Chapel Road Cemetery and Church

In Centerville, Indiana, there is a church connected to a local cemetery, which is considered one of the most haunted churches in the state. Legend has it that the area surrounding the church has numerous cold spots that become visible even when you are inside of your locked car and the heater is running. It is said that when you go to the church at night, you will encounter odd happenings. Try backing into the driveway and putting your car into park while turning off the lights. Turn off the ignition and sit in the car for a bit. Some claim to have heard noises that resembled the whining or yelping of a canine in distress. Others say that the car will turn cold even when it is the middle of the summer. Unexplainable handprints have appeared on the outside of windows. Other tales regarding the church include ghostly figures that walk about the grounds and odd noises can be heard.

Zion Church Cemetery

In Poland, Indiana, the Zion Church Cemetery is a site thought to host a ghost that is believed to come out in the road and stopping in front of cars to the point that they no longer move. Locals feel that it is a sign that the location is haunted. The ghost will also tell drivers to turn around and go back where they came from.


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