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Haunted Places in Virginia 2
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  5/11/10
By: Yona Williams

In Franklin, there's a national chain store that employees believe is haunted by a woman who died on the premises. The beautiful Luray Caverns have ghost tales of its own. In this article, you will learn of other places in Virginia that often spark the interest of paranormal enthusiasts.  

Ghost Lantern Tour of Williamsburg

In Williamsburg, Virginia, you may participate in a ghost tour that explores the pirate crew of Blackbeard's ship to the ghosts of the Civil War. In Williamsburg, it is also thought that many of the plantations in the region are haunted. Investigate the exciting ghost stories by taking the tour or visiting well-known sites on your own, such as the campus of William and Mary College.

Bushong Farm

The Bushong Farm is situated on a former battlefield that once saw action from the Confederacy and Union. At the time of war, a family lived in the house, hiding in the basement while troops raided their farm. It was later used as a hospital for injured soldiers.

Wal-Mart in Franklin, Virginia

Pay a visit to the Wal-Mart in Franklin, Virginia, where haunted tales state that the ghost of a woman killed in an elevator incident is on the premises. Employees of the store claim that the ghost knocks over merchandise and doesn’t have a problem making her presence known.

Luray Caverns

The caves not only offer a beautiful attraction in Virginia, but are also a site of haunted tours that take place close to Charlottesville, Virginia. The caverns, which are known as the largest in the country, are also thought to be haunted.

Manassas National Battlefield

In Manassas, Virginia, you will find yourself at one of the most significant battlegrounds of the Civil War. Some people report feeling a chill or uneasiness during their visit.

Warren Rifles Confederate Museum

You will find the Warren Rifles Confederate Museum on 95 Chester St in Front Royal, Virginia. Inside, take pleasure in the interesting artifacts relating to the Confederacy that have been donated from local, private collections. Amongst the possessions at the museum is the rope that was used to hang John Brown – the infamous abolitionist in Harpers Ferry. A Confederate soldier's hip (pierced with a bullet) is also on display.

Yorktown Battlefield

The Yorktown Battlefield is a site that people claim is haunted by the ghosts of soldiers, who still think they are engaged in battle. More than a handful of people believe they have caught sight of the ghostly American soldiers who trace back to being at odds with the British. In photos taken of the battlefield, images that look like strange apparitions, balls of unexplainable light and odd blurs have been captured.

University of Virginia

In Wise, you will find the University of Virginia, where the ghost of a young girl that committed suicide in Bowers-Sturgill Hall is believed to haunt the grounds. Some claim that her ghostly body can be seen hanging from the pipes that she supposedly used to take her own life.


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