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Haunted Cemeteries in Kansas
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  4/28/06
By: Yona Williams


Everyone knows that the best place to see and hear things go bump in the night is to visit a cemetery, if you have the nerve. There are some people that will not set foot within a graveyard, fearing the unknown and eerie feeling that may overtake the body during a visit. This article will deal with some accounts of scary encounters that have taken place within Kansas-area cemeteries.


In Blue Rapids, you will find the Schroyer Cemetery, which is set upon a hill. The cemetery is quite unique, due to the fact that there is no parked way to reach this destination. ½ acre of land supports the graves of individuals, including many members from the Schroyer family, who were placed there during the late 1800s. When visited the area today, only one of the graves can be seen, which is of the patriarch of the family. Many witnesses have claimed to see blue orbs, as well as the ghostly figure of a man. Voices that sound demonic have also been heard at the site. A hairy child has been sighted on the premises, which is thought to be a child born to the family, who displayed many deformities and was often not heard of or from.


The Jones Cemetery in Canton is believed to possess a spookiness of its own when a full moon is present. Some have said to see the shadow of a body that can be seen hanging from the branch of a tree. The sounds of hoof beats have been heard in the area. When visiting the Derby Cemetery in Derby, you may feel overwhelmed by the feeling that someone is watching you while you read the inscriptions on tombstones. The sightings of apparitions have been reported throughout this area. The Cedar Creek Cemetery, which can be found in Manhattan, Kansas, you may spot a red eye coming from the darkness during nights where there is a full moon. A bad feeling may also overcome your body when entering this graveyard.


When visiting the Elmwood Cemetery in Coffeyville, you will encounter one of the oldest cemeteries within the area, where some of the graves date back 100 years. Some of those that are buried at this location, include some of the slain from the Dalton Gang, who died during a battle that took place on October 5, 1892. Some of the townspeople who died during this event can be found here, as well. The battle stemmed from the gang, who tried to rob a few banks in the downtown area. Many residents use the cemetery as a prank or dare others to enter, especially when the clock strikes after midnight. The cemetery has been known to produce an array of odd noises and strange feelings. Shadows have been known to chase those who enter in the middle of the night.

The Stull Cemetery is a graveyard that offers a variety of evil spirits and ghosts, who call this area their home. Legend has it that Stull is the site where “six gateways to Hell” can be found. Some of the details include a child that was produced by the union of a local witch and the Devil. The town hung the witch and murdered the child. The tree that she was hung on, fell from the ground, creating a gateway to Hell. Stories exist of groups of people being killed at this site and that a creature, possessing demon-like qualities can be found watching people from the shadows.









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