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Haunted Cemeteries Throughout Iowa
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  2/18/06
By: Yona Williams


When traveling throughout Iowa, there are numerous haunted areas, scary tales and legends scattered throughout the state to explore. Many of these locations can be found at the area cemeteries, including the Gypsy Graveyard in Algona and Sioux City’s Graceland Park Cemetery.


The Gypsy Graveyard can be found in the area of Algona, where a small graveyard is positioned north of the town. In the back of this graveyard is another section of graves that is smaller than the first. During the 1800s, there were many Gypsy wagon trains that passed through this area. Legend has it that when one of their travelers was too sick to go on or were near death, they would be buried at this spot. The gruesome part of this tale is that they were still alive when buried. Numerous individuals have claimed to witness the images of ghosts were wander about the gravesite. Locals believe that is you walk past the fence surrounded the Gypsy hollowed ground; you will be struck with a curse.


In Ackley, there is a Green Cemetery that can be found in the country area, about five miles outside of the town. On the premises, there is a gazebo, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of an elderly woman, who can be seen rocking back and forth in a rocking chair. In her arms, she is cradling a baby.  The Graceland Park Cemetery in Sioux City, odd occurrences have been reported at this site. Numerous thrillseekers have wandered about this cemetery, in search of orbs. When taking photos of these sightings, they are overcome by a strange feeling. Some have also experienced malfunctioning cameras until they have exited the cemetery.


The Riverside Cemetery, located in Charles City, is positioned next to a river, which intensifies all of the strange and eerie events that have been reported in this area. The darkness and difficult roads also add to the frightening surroundings. People have claimed to sight dark figures wandering about the area, as well as visiting various graves. Some have even stated that they have been attacked by unknown forces or have been greeted by figures that will not allow them to be seen in the light. When walking through the Riverside Cemetery, you may feel that someone is following you at all times. One of the ghosts that have been documented at this site includes the ghost of a Native American Indian. When you are interested in sighting a ghost or listening to the sounds of things that go bump in the night, you may want to head for the mausoleum, as well as by the river bank (if you dare).


When you have reached Anamosa, there is a Holy Cross Cemetery with a frightening past. A group of trees can be found behind the graveyard, which is where numerous hangings took place. Shadowy figures and orbs have been seen in this area, which is also the site of an old Native American burial ground. The Oak Hill Cemetery in Cedar Rapids is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl named Tillie, who has been spotted during the night with a lit candle in her hand.


Additional cemeteries throughout the state of Iowa include the old Green Castle Cemetery in North Liberty, Johnson County; the Terre Haute Cemetery in Lamoni; the Pleasant Ridge Cemetery in Palo, as well as the Shellsburg Cemetery with an eerie cemetery statue on its premises.




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