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Haunted Schools Throughout El Paso, Texas
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  3/18/06
By: Yona Williams

Throughout the city of El Paso, you will find that there are numerous institutions of learning that have a darker side to tell. In this article, you will encounter information regarding high schools, middle schools, as well as University of Texas.


There are numerous high schools in the El Paso area, many of which hold various legends and scary stories. At the El Paso High School, you will find a hall that will take you to the balcony. This entrance is closed off to the public. Reports state that the hallways of this high school are plagued with mist and fog. On the ceiling, a sticky substance can be found. Some believe that the school is haunted because a teenager slit her wrists in the hall area. Afterwards, she ventured to the balcony, where she jumped. A wall now stands where the staircase to the balcony once stood.


For some reason, the Ysleta High School is filled with many ghosts. One of the ghosts was a former cheerleader who killed herself in one of the bathrooms after her boyfriend had broken up with her. It is said that she returns to that very spot every night. One time, a teacher claimed to have sighted a young girl in front of her, who then disappeared. Screams can be heard in various areas of the school. Another ghost that frequents this location is one of a former janitor.


Other haunted high schools in the area include: the Cathedral High School, which offers a haunted third floor; Clint High School, where the hanging body of a student who was raped by a janitor sometimes appears, as well as the Del Valle High School, where the ghosts of murdered band members can be found.


At the Crockett Elementary School, the ghost of a man can be seen roaming about the halls. He appears with blood-filled gauze on his head. One of his arms is also missing. During one of the wars, this site served as a hospital for war veterans. Another elementary school to be aware of is Escontrias Elementary, which was built on top of a cemetery. The ghost of a girl who died from an accident in the girls’ locker room can sometimes be spotted. She lost her life when a heavy gate fell on top of her while she was reaching for a towel.


As for middle schools, the Henderson Middle School is said to be haunted. A group of students experimented with the area at night, when they encountered odd screams and footsteps from an unseen force. The Desert View Middle School is the site of a report from a coach, who claimed to hear the sound of punching on lockers one night. When he went to check on the sound, no one was in sight. A separate time, a white figure was seen walking about the school.

At the University of Texas, ghosts have been sighted at the Cotton Memorial, as well as Semon Hall. Odd sounds have also been reported at both location, including unexplainable footsteps and screams. Other haunted spots at this university include the Fox Fine Art Building and the Recital Hall.




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