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Haunted Sightings in Puerto Rico
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  11/14/08
By: Yona Williams

Situated in the northeastern part of the Caribbean, you will find the main island of Puerto Rico close to the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands. While you may choose to visit this destination for fun in the sun or to celebrate a honeymoon, paranormal hunters may take pleasure in some of the haunted locations scattered about the island, including the following sites that have been reported throughout the years.

Arroyo – In this municipality, you will encounter Arroyo – situated in the Southern Coastal Valley of Puerto Rico with the Caribbean Sea by its side. Here, an old sugar cane factory has become the stuff of legends, providing quite a scare if you dare to pay a visit. It is said that old souls dwell on the premises. Although the factory hasn’t been used in more than 150 years, some of the nighttime antics reported have includes machinery that has a mind of its own and unexplainable voices. Some people claim to have caught the scent of sugar cane being prepared. Lights have gone on and off at the site, even though no electricity exists. Other haunted Arroyo tales include:

·    A disturbing ghost of a Hun that has been sighted taking a swim at Balneario de Arroyo just before dawn. Locals believe that the phantom once lived in the region and is quite unsettled.

·    A frightening sight to see was reported by a witness to a skeleton-like vision that was seen in the middle of the night with a jar of (what looked like blood) in its grasp. It was reported that the ghost made contact with the witness and it was documented that the skeleton even drank the blood.

·    On more than one occasion, a human-like figure was seen "glowing in the dark" on the apex of Cerro Boca del Infierno. It appeared that the ghost was looking for a specific item. Locals who have come in contact with this ghost, believe that it belongs to someone who once lived in the region a long time ago.

Aguas Buenas – This town is said to be the site of young spirits who were traveling on a school bus to a field trip before they met their end in a crash. Everyone on the bus was killed and some believe that their spirits still wander about the place where the accident took place. Reports state that the spirits can be heard playing in nearby bushes and running around. The accident took place in 1976. For more tales of phantoms, spirits, and ghosts associated with the Aguas Buenas region, check out the article titled " The Ghost Sightings of Aguas Buenas."

Cabo Rojo – Visit the site known as "La Llorona's Swing" after midnight and you may catch sight of a ghostly character of a young girl that is often seen petting a puppy described as having eyes of fire. It isn’t the little girl you should be aware of, it is the puppy, as it is said that if you look into its eyes, La Llorona will kill you.


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