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Haunted Tales of Albany, NY
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  2/4/08
By: Yona Williams

As you read this article, you will enter the exploration of haunted tales associated with Albany, NY, including an unidentified ghost haunting what is known as Cherry Hill and the scary legends associated with College of Saint Rose.

Take a trip to the College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York and you will find at least four houses that hold scary tales of haunting. If you talk to some of the people in town, they might be able to point you in the right direction to at least three, which have gained quite a bit of attention over the years. One house highlights the tale of a 7-year-old girl who lost her life in a fire. Another house is haunting grounds to a former priest. Other ghosts found on the premises is that of a musician who took their own life in Chicago and that of a gardener who just can't seem to get enough of the college. Even the Dean of Students keeps abreast on the details and even delivers a presentation that makes mention of the onsite tales. Throughout the years, many students have claimed to witness strange happenings.

The University at Albany is home to Mohican Hall, which is situated on what is known as 'Indian Quad.' IT is here that the tale of a youthful ghost unfolds – believed to roam about the halls in the middle of the night. Over the years, a handful of residents have become frightened at what they believed as their encounter with the ghost. The first time the spirit made its presence known was during the mid-1990s.  The college is also home to a female spirit who claims Pierce Hall as her own. Found on Alumni Quad, the ghost is a mystery, as no one knows who she is or why she insists on walking about the halls during nightfall. An assortment of students believe they have caught sight of the specter at different times of the year and she always seems to be aimlessly wandering about the halls.

On Wolf Road, there is an establishment called Professor Java's Coffee Sanctuary – where some visitors claim they have encountered the vision of gentlemen walking in mirrors, but when you turn to acknowledge their presence, there is no one there. Some workers have reported the odd feeling that something is heavy upon their shoulders and have experienced the bristling of hairs on their arms. There is a rumor that the spirit of a dog is heard and sighted on the premises. Over the years, the building has undergone a host of changes and modifications. At one time, it was an old residence, which was rumored to have established a covert illegal 'meth' lab. While this has anything to do with the spirit believed to haunt the premises, some workers absolutely dread the thought of paying a visit to the basement, which is where many believe all of the paranormal energy is located.  

Additional haunted places in Albany, NY include the Education Building (where the sub-basement is thought to lead to a floor that has gained the nickname of "the Dungeon"); Sage College of Albany (once known as the Junior College of Albany/Russell Sage where the Fine Arts building is home to numerous ghosts); the Capitol Building (where the ghost of a custodian who died in a fire roams about); and Cherry Hill (where you may encounter an unidentified ghost who has been spotted roaming about the terrace and lower floors).


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