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Haunted Welsh Castles: Gwrych & Denbigh
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  12/25/06
By: Yona Williams

When it comes to checking out the most haunted castle situated throughout Wales , the Gwrych Castle should be one of the first things to come to mind. There has been several years that the castle has seen its fair share of paranormal activity. Today, the castle has sadly suffered many years of disrepair, mostly from increasing decay and vandalism.


Throughout the years, many tales have suffered regarding a couple of ghosts that have decided to haunt the premises. A ton of studies have been conducted on the grounds of the castle, where two prominent apparitions have made their mark at the castle. They are two female ghosts; one called the White Lady and the other dubbed the Red Lady. One time a séance was held at the banquet hall, where a solid oak door flew from its hinges. The door was seven feet tall. This is just one of the examples showing how powerful these entities are known to be.


During the 1930s, there was a caretaker at the premises who would make rounds about the castle, making sure that all of the doors were secure. On more than one occasion, as he got closer to the old library, he seemed to always have this sense that someone was always watching him. He even went on to file reports with the 13th Earl, telling him about some of the odd occurrences he came upon as he opened up the library during the wee hours of the morning.


Sometimes, he often found objects in the room had been moved around by no one he could clearly tell was responsible for. The doors to this room were always locked and he found this the most curious thing since there was also no other way to get into the room and he was the only one with a key. Many believed it was the work of ghosts who brought on these strange events.


Dating back to the 13th or 14th century, the Denbigh Castle was constructed as a tower by a man named Henry de Lacy, who wished that the structure would serve as protection for the water supply attached to the castle. After its completion, his son had an accident, slipping from the tower, falling to his unfortunate end. The event was so tragic that many believe that his ghost still haunts the premises. Some who pass by the window where he fell from claim that they have seen the boy’s face staring back at them.


The castle is also known to have another resident that causes a stir. Some witnesses claim to have sighted the ghost of a woman who is called the White Lady. She enjoys walking about the premises and is said to float by the area as a vision of glowing white, surrounded by a mist. Throughout the years, the ghost has presented herself to numerous visitors of the castle. In 1999, a few youths were scared out of their mind when they came face-to-face with the White Lady as she encountered them closest to the Dublin Tower . They claimed that the ghost glided after them, following the youths down a nearby hill.



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