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How Do Ghosts Communicate? Ears & Ouija
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  11/21/11
By: Yona Williams

When ghosts try to communicate with the living, they attempt to appeal to the senses. One of the most popular methods is to make noises. The unexplainable sounds often alert people that they may be in the midst of a supernatural presence. In this article, you will learn about some of the ways ghosts make contact with your sense of hearing, as well as the significance of an Ouija board.

Your Ears

If you think your eyes play tricks on you when a ghost is believed to haunt a location, then your ears will certainly play a role as well. Spirits have a knack for making odd noises and sounds. One moment an electric appliance will turn on it own or you'll hear rapping in a part of a house. Ghosts also try to communicate with the living by making thumping sounds, knocking, tapping or bumping into things.

During ancient times, people thought that the sound of rapping was a sign that death was approaching.
Some people say that they have received a phone call from a deceased soul – most likely a member of their family. They believe that the deceased soul wishes to relay a farewell message. Others feel haunted by these occurrences. The calls tend to emerge around an important date, such as a birthday or Mother's Day. Those who have experienced such a call say that the voices of the dead sound exactly the same as if they were living.

When the telephone rings, it sounds normal at first, but when it is picked up – static is often heard. The longer the call lasts, the more faint the voice sounds until it completely fades away. Some people have checked with the telephone company or scanned their records to investigate the origin of the phone call with no luck in coming to a conclusion.

The Ouija Board

An Ouija board (also called a talking board or spirit/fire) is a flat board decorated with the letters of the alphabet, numbers 0 to 9, and words, such as 'yes', 'no', 'hello' and 'goodbye.' There are other symbols and words on some boards that can add a different spin. People use a small piece of wood with a point on it (called a planchette), which indicates the message associated with a spirit that will spell out things on a board during a séance. Sometimes, the planchette is in the shape of a heart. Participants put their fingers on the planchette, which moves about the board to spell out words or 'answer questions.'

Some people have associated the Ouija board with demonic possession and are not used by some members of the occult and other religions. There have been incidents where participants claim to have been affected during and after the use of an Ouija board. Some believers of the board feel that the actions experienced come from a connection to the supernatural or paranormal, while scientists credit psychophysiological factors (called the ideomotor effect) for the controlling influence over the pointer.


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