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Hunting the Ghostly Bigfoot

By Chris Capps    2/10/12

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Bigfoot is a creature of legend human hunters and cryptozoologists have sought for a number of years with little success.  And even as Bigfoot theories and witness accounts are on the rise, the actual capture of the creature is something that continues to elude even the most talented and dedicated of hunters.  Is it possible that the more fantastic accounts of Bigfoot that include such supernatural claims as vanishing into thin air may be worth a second look?

It's a fringe theory circulating on a topic already at the edge of cultural consensus reality, but looking at the accounts of Bigfoot and comparing them to others, like ghosts - you can start to see the similarities.  If the sightings being reported of a large mysterious creature are indeed valid, and it hinges largely on the credibility of the witnesses involved.  Bigfoot witnesses range in stature from children to police chiefs and politicians.  Doctors, priests, community organizers, firefighters, police chiefs, these are just a tiny cross section of the vast population that has claimed to have seen something resembling Bigfoot in the woods.  But there's also a modest population of hunters who have also made the claim.  And more than a few accounts tell of what happens when a Bigfoot is shot in the wild.

"It disappeared just as I raised my rifle," is one of the reports made by witnesses, "It vanished like a ghost."  Stories of paranormal creatures living in the woods that can change shape or even disappear depending on the circumstances have been around for centuries.  In the Middle Ages the wilderness was often seen as a land of fantastical creatures outside of the realm of humanity.  Here things would happen seemingly without any explanation.  Creatures would appear that didn't need to conform to the established laws of physics.  And with time, these stories were lost to the growing understanding of the wilderness alongside the growing villages and cities that pushed it back.

But what if the creature reported as Bigfoot was the ghost of an ancient common ancestor of humanity, preserved by means unknown to walk the Earth forever?  What if somehow the hominid normally seen as a flesh and blood creature were no more substantial than a typical poltergeist or residual ghost?

What about the cases where Bigfoot is seen piling rocks or knocking over tree trunks?  There is no shortage of physical strength the Bigfoot displays as hunters trek through the wild.  There are two possibilities here.  The first is that the creature manifests physical force on the world through the same mechanism as any poltergeist, through the mysterious psychokinetic directionless force, or the objects perceived being influenced by the creature's strength are additions to the "scene" projected by the poltergeist.

The problem with labeling Bigfoot a ghost is that there's still a considerable amount of doubt and speculation over what the term ghost means among experts.  While ghost hunters have become an object of the public's interest, they have also exposed a few of the gaps in the narrative where they disagree with one another.  Theories that were substantial and defined yesterday run the risk of vanishing as time wears on.

We often hear of multiple manifestations appearing at the same time during a poltergeist's haunt.  Cups and plates randomly fly across rooms, pieces of furniture levitate and are sometimes broken, even a shower of rocks can pelt a house endlessly for days.  But other times the actual objects being manipulated are themselves illusions.  But if Bigfoot were to turn out to be a "ghost", what else might there be?

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