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Improve your sixth sense
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  11/20/07
By: Asif Raza

Aye on the shores of darkness there is light,
And precipices show untrodden green,
There is a budding morrow in midnight,
There is a triple sight in blindness keen.
             John Keats (1795–1821), English poet.
             "To Homer" (1818).

The sixth sense is imaginary extra sense. It is special ability to perceive something without using any of the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. It allows a mind reading person or telepathist to perform a variety of extraordinary actions.
There are many Intuitive or sixth sense skills, but the most common include the capability to predict the upcoming events and to know what people believe and thinking. You can take guidance to develop Your Psychic Abilities. Following some steps will help you to improve your six sense skills.

Be optimistic and believe that you can be intuitive. Any fear, uncertainty or disbelief will thwart your psychic growth.  Developing intuitive skills vary from person to person, but everyone can be acquainted with this extrasensory ability so it is not reserved for special people.

Be attentive. Concentration, observation and listening are fundamental techniques to get psychic skills. “You should pay close attention to all that goes on around and within you will sharpen your ability to catch psychic signals.”

Live out with visualization. Mental picture training will help you to receive some information as pictures in your mind. For example, you can practice it simply to look at a picture then close your eyes and make an effort to perceive the picture in your mind exactly as it is.

Be Relaxed. Meditation is a very important component for growing sixth sense and most importantly, it helps you to lighten up and relax. With relaxed mind and body, you are better able to pick up the clever sensations you need to develop your intuitive skills.

Keep a diary. Record your dreams, thoughts, psychic consciousness and any "coincidences" that may occur during the day. This will help you critically analyze your growth.


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