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Kinetic Energy From Nothing: How Ghosts Move Things Around
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  9/5/11
By: Chris Capps

Parapsychologists have for years shared stories of bizarre encounters with paranormal entities that seem to have the ability to spontaneously move objects and even overwhelm the investigators themselves.  But that energy has to be coming from somewhere.  How do these entities that seem to have no form of their own suddenly find the energy necessary to pick up and hurl objects across the room?

Parapsychologists call the phenomenon psychokinesis.  is the means by which a paranormal entity or psychic person can use the power of consciousness to allegedly interact with the world around them in a very physical way.  But the subject is often picked up and then dropped as soon as it starts leaving the term "psychikinesis" not entirely defined much further than that.  Many parapsychologists have attempted to do this over the years, but it seems to draw from a body of knowledge humanity has only begun scratching the surface of.  As a result we cannot fully comprehend matters such as psychokinesis.

The full effects of the paranormal discipline have several accounts that go with them detailing how people have used their own quantum computers (or brains) to master everything from telekinesis to even levitation.  Spiritual leaders, saints, buddhist monks, and even martial artists have been seen demonstrating their abilities with surprising results.  But whether they come from the same place as those who have passed on and decided to return is something we have yet to fully understand.  Are there people who have seen the way ghosts manifest and have decided to manifest their own consciousness in a similar way?  Or is it possibly a genetic trait manifesting in a select few who have explored their own consciousness thoroughly enough in a real world version of the powers comic book superheroes possess?

It seems one of the interesting points is the difference between Chi energy and the paranormal energy used by ghosts.  In people, Chi is often seen as a sort of heat radiating up from the body.  Some have even claimed chi can become so powerful as to allow the adept master to breathe fire if he is not careful.  But it's how ghosts manifest their energy in quite a different fashion that seems even stranger by comparison.

During many paranormal investigations there would be noted a severe and often dramatic chill in the air as if all the heat in the room were being pulled out of reality and sent through some unseen passageway to another world.  It has been speculated in the past that this heat transference could have something to do with the sudden manifestation of the paranormal spirits physical abilities.  Energy is indeed coming out of thin air, but in a far more literal way.  The energy from the air - the ambient temperature is, according to this theory, being utilized by the spirits to alter the world around them.  This can manifest as sudden points of light creating a translucent or even full apparition, vibrations reaching the ears of investigators and manifesting as sound, or even as an eerie feeling that could be conveyed through some means not yet fully understood.  Ghosts - it would seem - have the ability to draw energy somehow and use it to change the world around them.


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