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Lincolnshire Ghost Tours
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  3/6/07
By: Yona Williams

Located in the eastern part of England, the county of Lincolnshire can be found. It is here that access to Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, and parts of Yorkshire is available. In regards to the history of this location, the ancient city of Lincoln can be explored. While there might be a variety of interesting points of interest associated with the county, there are also a host of ghost tours and walks that will place a smile on the faces of paranormal enthusiasts.


As you visit Lincoln, you will come across an ancient city that offers more than 2,000 years of human occupation. When touring the area, there are still Roman remains that greet tourists. In the vicinity, you will encounter a castle that has been around for 1,000 years, as well as the imposing local cathedral. As you reach the Castle Hill area, it is here that you will see both of these popular attractions.


Since a hefty dose of history is attached to this county, a fair share of ghosts and the tales accompanying their legend exist. One of the best times of the year and day to experience the Lincoln Ghost Walk is during the winter season when the night brings the most delicious mist and fog. For more information, you may place a call to 01522 - 874056.


In Lincolnshire, if you really want to meet up with some of the best haunted walks in the area, you should check out the happenings in Epworth. It is here that a wealth of year-round explorations allows visitors to experience the ghostly past of the area. Some of the walks will lead unsuspecting participants down back alleys devoid of light while a slathering of gory legends and interesting tales are told.


While enjoying an Epworth ghost walk, you will reach the stomping grounds of Old Jeffrey, who is known as one of the most well known of poltergeists in the country. Lincolnshire also offers an assortment of entertaining tales that are quite odd when first hard, but are actually completely true. While you will receive a ton of information and details, you might find yourself a bit uneasy, but the main point is to leave with a sense that the frightening is also an intriguing emotion to embrace. This ghost walk has entertained the masses for close to 10 years now.


To enjoy this experience, the next upcoming tour is set for Wednesday on the 21st of March. All you have to do is meet at Axholme Arts, Queen Street, Epworth at 7.50pm and pay £4 for an adult ticket. If you are under the age of 16, you will be expected to pay £3. At the start of the walk, the fee also includes steaming, homemade soup that will help you trudge through the streets of Lincolnshire. For more information, you may 01427-873947.




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