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Locating Haunted Areas in Delaware
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  12/28/05
By: Yona Williams


Delaware is no slouch when it comes to the number of haunted places that can be found throughout the state. There are plenty of locations to explore if you ever get a chance to pass through the area. Some cities to keep in mind include Dover, New Castle and Smyrna.


When you are interested in spending a night at a haunted inn, you may want to check out the Addy Sea Inn located at Bethany Beach, where rooms 1, 6 and 11 are said to be haunted by various ghosts. The Blue Coat Inn in Dover is home to the ghost of an older man that appears during the night. The ghost of a young fellow who is dressed as a drummer boy also accompanies him. The third floor of the David Finney Inn located in New Castle is believed to be haunted by an unknown visitor.


There are several mansions in the area that feature strange happenings, odd occurrences and the presence of ghostly inhabitants. The Dickinson Mansion in Dover is home to the ghost of John Dickinson, who has been the subject of several recordings. The Governor’s Mansion in Dover has earned a reputation of being quite haunted. There are several ghosts who can be sighted within the mansion, including a ghost that is the cause of many tipped over empty wineglasses. Additional ghostly guests include a chain-rattling spirit in the basement, as well as a young female ghost who can be spotted playing in the gardens. The Rockwood Mansion in Wilmington is the site of reports regarding unexplainable balls of light, as well as odd noises.


When you visit Delaware City, you may encounter Fort Delaware, which was the former site used for the imprisonment of Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Today, this state park is the site of many ghostly images, as well as unexplainable noises and the presence of cold places. Some visitors to the park claim that they sighted the apparition of a Confederate soldier watching them.

When traveling west on Highway 12 in Fredrica, you may spot the glowing red eyes of a dog that is said to haunt the area. The tale accompanying this specter involves the murder of a man that was grinded up with cornmeal and fed to a dog. The Locust Grove Farm in Middletown is the site where a young lad passed away during the 1900s. It is said that his spirit turns lights and televisions on without warning. During the night, the farm is never at rest.

New Castle is where you will find the Overview Gardens, which is home to the spirits of children who were killed in a house fire at that location. The Women’s Correctional Institute in New Castle County offers it’s share of several ghosts that can be encountered on the premises, including a little girl and a woman who can be heard screaming for assistance.


Other haunted locations include: Cooches Bridge in Newark; Salem Church Road in Newark; Dead President’s Tavern in Smyrna, as well as Black Diamond Road in Smyrna, which is built on top of a Native American graveyard.



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