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Mysterious Ghostly Horseman Filmed in Egypt
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  2/4/11
By: Chris Capps

Many people are calling it a sign of the apocalypse.  Even as the Egyptian protests unfold, witnesses to a clip from MSNBC have noted that a strange eerie figure similar to a horseman riding through the streets near protesters and emitting an eerie pale green glow before partially de-materializing and flying off screen.  Amid some of the strangest footage to date, this has some people turning their heads.  References to the "pale horse" of the apocalypse have been springing up in conjunction to this bizarre latest development.

The clip is from an angle up on a balcony and away from the protesters.  The ghostly image is on the ground and looks unmistakably like a large figure with an elongated head (like a horse) being ridden by another figure which is taller.  The positioning of the anomaly is unmistakably similar to what a horseman would look like if he were riding through the streets of Egypt.  But there are a few things that stand out in this footage that doesn't seem to coincide with other ghost footage we've seen so far moving it in a far more dramatic direction, but also calling into question its authenticity.

First, take a look at how it walks along the ground.  We're to presume this footage indicated a full apparition that might have been using the ground as a platform to walk on.  But it moves almost exactly when the camera starts to move.  You'll also notice several of the witnesses moving at the same time, however, though no one is likely questioning whether they are actually walking or not.

Maybe the weirdest thing about the apparition is the fact that it seems to shimmer like how we would have envisioned a ghost from a 1980's film like Ghostbusters.  You'll notice that even though the figure itself is fairly solid, only de-materializing toward the end, it seems to shimmer like whatever is making it is a swirling mass of glowing particles (or ectoplasm) like light reflecting off water.  But then again there is a fire in the background that is coincidentally shimmering the same way.  Studying the fire, however, there is no shape similar to the horseman apparition seen in the foreground.  If it was something in the background reflecting off the window we would likely see it here.

It is possible, however, that the reflection could have been coming from behind the cameraman and then reflecting off the window to make the image, disappearing when they finally pan the camera to the right.  So basically the explanation many skeptics are going with is there was a glowing horseman-shaped object in the room behind the cameraman which reflected off the window and ended up being broadcast over MSNBC.  That's kind of scarier than the original theory.  Of course it's also possible we're seeing a horseman because that is what the footage is being introduced as.

But while passages from Revelation are often seen accompanying this strange footage, it seems a bit premature to link the very strange but also very unconfirmed sighting with proof that the world will soon be ending.  Instead, it's an eerie, but so far unconfirmed ghost sighting of a horseman in the streets of Egypt.



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