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Phantom Glass Smasher Caught on Film
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  10/25/11
By: Chris Capps

One of the stranger sightings this past week comes from the Sutherland Hotel in Eastchurch where a ghostly visitor allegedly smashed a full pint of beer on the floor and did so on film.  When you see the footage, the incident does seem to suggest something fairly unusual.  And one of the most interesting elements of this footage is how clear a picture of the whole area it shows.  You can see the exact position of everyone in frame as they're sitting around talking.  And then quite suddenly a glass on the table flies off and smashes on the floor.

The witnesses to the event at the time reportedly had been discussing a subject that is certainly macabre in itself.  As they discussed suicide around the pint, the glass simply smashed.  At first upon seeing this footage it looks as though the glass is close enough to the edge that any nudge could send it tumbling.  But looking closer it does appear to be closer than it looks in the first few frames.  And what's more, no one appears to be actually in contact with the table.  After the glass smashes everyone seems fairly apprehensive - more so than you would expect with a typical pub glass smashing.  They cautiously approach and begin picking up the pieces, clearly confused by the lack of any explanation.

No other figures appear in the footage, making the incident appear to be more an action by a poltergeist than an actual full form apparition.  The hotel, which was taken over by its new proprieter Sam Banks in 2009 has had a long history of mysterious appearances and poltergeist activity.  But with cases of poltergeist hauntings, there is generally an emotionally turbulent person involved that seems to be the target or driving force of the haunting.  When they leave or enter a new and happier stage of their lives it generally quiets down.  This does not appear to be the case with the Sutherland Hotel, which has a mysterious apparition that both appears to be residually connected to the building itself and possesses the ability and intention to move objects.  It is unknown who the apparition may have been, but they certainly have some fairly incredible evidence to back up their claim.

Other things allegedly involved in the haunting are lights which will turn on unexpectedly, people feeling nudged by someone who isn't there, and a local dentist who claims to have seen an apparition in his window nearby the building.  Is there some mysterious force at work here?  Or should we not believe the mystery unfolding before our very eyes?

Take a close look at this strange footage on Youtube, and judge for yourself.  Note how no one seems to be touching either the table or the glass.  Even the feet of the person sitting at the table are far away from it as he talks to the side.


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