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Scottish Castle Ghosts I
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  1/20/12
By: Yona Williams

Scotland is a destination that has a wide range of castles – filled with historical memories, rich cultural significance, and plenty of ghost tales. From multi-colored lady ghosts to souls that remained unsettled, you will encounter a variety of castles in Scotland that are believed haunted in some way or another.

Abergeldie Castle

Abergeldie Castle was constructed around 1550 by Sir Alexander Gordon. In 1689, the first Jacobite rising occurred and the castle was garrisoned by Spanish troops under the command of General Hugh Mackay. Ownership passed to the Gordon family in 1482 and has been in the family ever since. From 1848 to 1970, the castle was leased to the British royal family since it was relatively close to Balmoral – a large estate house that is the private property of the monarch.

When a French maid named Catherine Frankie was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake at the end of the 16th century, her spirit is said to have lingered at Abergeldie Castle. Accounts state that her ghost had been spotted at different times around the tall clock tower. Catherine is not the only talk regarding the haunted Abergeldie. Some have reported strange noises and bell ringing that takes place that is followed by bad luck befalling the family.

Balgonie Castle

Situated on the south bank of the River Leven, parts of the Balgonie Castle that still stands date back to the 14th century, such as the keep. The remaining structures were added over the years until the 18th century. Other parts of the castle include roofless ruins. In its heyday, the castle was home to the Laird of Balgonie and Eddergoll. It received a range of visitors, including James IV, Mary Queen of Scots and Rob Roy MacGregor.  Over time, the premises has also been at the center of several ghost and haunted tales.

One of the most haunted parts of Balgonie is the Grand Hall. It is here that reports of ghostly voices and apparitions have emerged. Some believe they have sighted a ghost named the Green Lady (or 'Green Jeanie'), whose first documented appearance was in 1842. Other ghosts thought to have an attachment to the castle include a soldier connected to the 17th century who appears in the courtyard, a man from medieval times, a ghostly dog, the phantom of a hooded figure, and a man named Alexander Leslie. There was also a skeleton uncovered in the floor of the great hall when work was being done in 1912 – could this be a clue to one of the unsettled souls said to wander about the castle?

A ghost club conducted an investigation of the castle in 2005. The night was relatively calm with the team picking up on one or two paranormal events. Two investigators reported the feeling of being touched above the ankle by something they could not see. A full report of the investigation has been made available to the public.


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