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Scottish Castle Ghosts II
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  1/21/12
By: Yona Williams

When it comes to the ghost in haunted Scottish castles, there seems to be a lot of 'Green Lady' apparitions roaming about. In this article, you will encounter a handful of structures that are believed to house a ghost associated with this color.

Ballindalloch Castle

Situated between Dufftown and Grantown-on-Spey, Ballindalloch Castle is found in the Moray region of Scotland. The first tower was erected in 1546 and underwent a restoration in 1645 after it was plundered and burned at the hands of the first Marquess of Montrose, James Graham. Other modifications have taken place throughout the years as different families have occupied the castle.

Inside the castle, a significant collection of 17th century Spanish paintings are housed. Features of the castle grounds include a rock garden dating back to the 20th century and a dovecote from the 17th century. Two rivers run through the grounds (the Spey and Avon), which provides the ideal opportunity to fish. The castle estate is also home to the well-known Aberdeen Angus cattle herd.

With all of these lovely details of the castle, the dining room of Ballindalloch is believed haunted by a ghost nicknamed 'The Green Lady.' Other hauntings said to take place at the castle include the sightings of a 'Pink Lady' and General grant, whose apparition has been reported to appear by the wine cellar.
One of the last owners of the castle was the Lord Lieutenant of Banffshire, Clare Nancy Russell and her family. Tourists are allowed to come visit the premises during the summer months. A handful of workshops on the grounds are also in use.

Airlie Castle

Airlie Castle is a mansion house located close to the junction of the Isla and Melgund rivers in Scotland. Sometime around 1432, a castle was built on the site. In 1640, it suffered a fire and a new mansion house was built incorporating some of the ruins. There is a rumor that Airlie Castle is haunted by a ram that has been nicknamed the 'Doom of Airlie Castle.' It is said that the creature will circle around the building when a death in the family is about to occur.

Other haunted castles in Scotland include:

•    Ardblair Castle – A 'Green Lady' is said to haunt to castle. She is dressed in green silk and seems to make her presence known during the late afternoon or early evening – taking a seat in the gallery and staring out of the window.

•    Fernie Castle – In the northeastern part of Fife, Scotland, the Fernie Castle is a tower house that dates back to the 16th century. Over the years, additions and extensions have been made to the castle as part of its transformation into a hotel. There is a rumor that the premises are haunted by a 'Green Lady' ghost that has been sighted in some of the bedrooms. Other strange happenings include electrical equipment and lights that randomly turn on and off.


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