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Tales of Haunted Anaheim, California
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  12/30/07
By: Yona Williams

When it comes to the haunted sights in the Anaheim, California region, you will encounter tales that involve places, such as the local Red Cross House and a well known discount shopping center.

The Anaheim High School has a history that may have contributed to the ghostly encounters and eerie happenings. For starters, the high school still possesses a bomb shelter situated beneath the school that dates back to World War II. To this day, passerbys claim that you can hear a constant banging that takes place on the steer door that is locked. This only happens on certain nights and it seems to emerge after a football game. The school is also known to have a haunted theatre/auditorium, where voices and a hearty burst of laughter can be heard on the balcony. On the roof, odd footsteps have been known to gather.

At the House of Blues (a rather popular hot spot for clubbing), the piece of space located behind the mosh pit on the first floor, there is an unexplainable hot spot in the vicinity. Many people claim to have been touched, pushed against something, or brush against something odd, but as they investigate their surroundings, there is no one around. Some people say that the experience is so slight, you could easily overlook the presence.

At the Red Cross House, the ghost said to haunt the premises is that of the first caretaker. In the building, there is a room at the entrance where if you look at this certain picture as you move up the stairs, you can catch sight of the pupils in the image moving. The picture is of the caretaker and it seems that he is always watching you. Additionally, when you travel up to the second story, there is a legend that males and females together are pushed together if they are deemed the perfect couple.

When looking for a place to stay with a little extra adventure, consider the Anaheim Fairfield Inn By Marriott. At this motel, you will find yourself situated right next to a freeway, which is thought haunted by a couple that lost their lives in a car accident that took place on the freeway.

The employees that work at the Kmart on Euclid have reported a lot of odd occurrences, such as items that fall off of the shelves when closing time nears. Some workers believe they have caught sight of a ghostly girl, who is supposedly named Isa or Isabel.

The Performing Arts Building used to serve as a home for senior citizens, but now gathers reports involving people who believe they feel a presence upon entering the premises. Some are overcome with the notion that they are being followed, while others have indicted cold spots. Sometimes, odd footsteps are heard, as well as strange whistling that takes place on the second floor.

The employees of Chain Reaction have heard unexplainable laughing that takes place in the middle of the night when they are in the back alley or bathrooms. When they attempt to check out what is going on, there is nothing taking place. Once, a homeless man was uncovered in the back alley and ever since, the venue has underwent a series of face-lifts, including a Mexican eatery to a club. Once – the premises was known as a biker bar where a lot of stabbings unfolded.


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