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The Bloody Mary Myth

By    12/6/04

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The legend says, If you stand in front of a mirror and say "Bloody Mary" 3 times while spinning, you will see "The Bloody Mary in the mirror. There are many many versions and legends, But the all pretty much say the same thing. Is there any truth behind the Bloody Mary myth?

A Long Time Ago (a century) Mary Worth was Scared and killed. Her face was covered with blood. Some say It was a criminal attack, some say it was a supernatural event, and yet some say It was just an accident. But either way, she died miserably and painfully. And her ghost lives on to this day.. She Wants to let people know of her pain and sorrow.

Bloody Mary wants to share her shame and sorrow to whomever summons her. I cannot give an exact working chant to contact her, But I know it is most commonly done in the bathroom, with candles. Spin around 12 times while saying "bloody Mary" than look into the mirror. You probably will see a blurred image, but you might see Mary herself! This Practice is deemed Safe and Acceptable Behavior. There is no case in history of Bloody Mary possessing a person, So plan your chant and let me know the results.

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