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The Wonderful World of Ghost Protection
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  1/10/07
By: Yona Williams

When it comes to ghosts, you either have a fear for them or find yourself at peace in their presence. Some people are so leery of apparitions and spirits that they need to find comfort in ghost protection, which could come in the form of actions or additional physical accompaniments. If you like to seek out ghosts, but never know what you will come in contact with during your adventures, you might want to have ghost protection in your possession (just in case).


There are many different kinds of ghost protection to consider and depending on the level of protection you need, you should familiarize yourself with some of the things that can provide you with safety. Throughout the world, there are many different methods that are used for protection from ghosts. When it comes to protecting the home, you can place houseleeks on your roof. This is because it is believed that the dead cannot bear to be close to this plant, whose name stands for “ever-living” in Latin.


Following a death in the family, it is said that covering all of the mirrors in a household will prevent the newly deceased from using any of these mirrors as a portal from the afterlife into the living world. Also regarding the household, you can create a fire outside of your home, which is thought to keep away the ghosts. If you take a look at Halloween night, you may encounter bonfires in the front or back of yards.


A simple protection approach towards keeping the ghosts away is to light candles at your residence and keep them burning throughout the night. There is also a way to utilize herbal remedies and natural items for ghost protection. Rowen and St. John’s wort can be hung in the doorways of homes to keep evil spirits from knocking on doors. There are additional natural remedies to consider as well when it comes to keeping ghosts in their place. To enhance your protection against unruly spirits, you should get used to the idea of incorporating Angelica, jimson weed, and nettle into your everyday practices.


There are also things that you can wear to keep ghosts at a distance. Wear lodestone or carry it in your person and you may avoid an encounter with an evil ghost. Sometimes you feel as if you are being followed or chased by a ghost. This is when you need to have ghost protection by your side. It is believed that ghosts cannot cross over into a moving body of water. So, if you ever feel that you are being followed by a ghost, you may want to head for the wetness and jump into a river, stream, creek, ocean, or sea.


When a ghost is following you, there are other ways to shake them. Going through the cleft of a tree will create confusion in the minds of ghosts and you will be able to lose them.


Some ghost protection methods are rather complicated and hard to understand the reasoning behind them. For example, if you carry a seashell with a sprig of rosemary inside that has been bound in red thread, you should be able to carry the ghosts away. A hexagram also works wonders against the actions of ghosts, but is best used with the letters, AGLA are written in the center. If you use this protection method, it should be in the form of an amulet, which is said to keep the evil spirits away from those who wear it.


When it comes to ghost protection, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself, especially when visiting places that are known to serve as a home to spirits. This may include a haunted cemetery, especially when the newly deceased have been laid to rest. Another place to carry protection along with you is when encountering a haunted house, castle, or attraction. Overall, carrying something to protect you from ghosts is a helpful habit to get into regardless if you believe in ghosts or not. If anything, you may find a little more luck in your back pocket.



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