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What's Haunted and Scary in Missouri?
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  3/24/07
By: Yona Williams

As you travel throughout the state of Missouri, you will encounter many different attractions and activities to help spend your time. Sometimes, you just feel like a scare and wish to explore the darker side of things. In this article, we will take a look at some of the haunted locations and scary legends that make Missouri a paranormal-worthy destination to consider visiting.


In Arcadia, there is a long history connected to a Methodist high school that was built on the grounds in 1840. The Arcadia Academy served many different purposes as it was transformed into a hospital during the Civil War to treat the Union soldiers. In 1877, the Academy became the property of Catholic nuns and was turned into a school for girls until it was shut down in 1971. Today, the Academy is known as an attractive bed-and-breakfast, which also offers the public an antique store. But, curious events take place.


When pictures are taken inside the school or about the premises, takers have reported mysterious orbs appearing, as well as weird mist and vortexes. You may even view them for yourself if you find the website for the old Academy on the Web. Locals believe that nuns who used to run the school now haunt the grounds. At night, doors open and close without the help of a live person. On the property, a spacious cemetery on the grounds holds the remains of the sisters who are apparently unsettled in the afterlife.


In Aurora, there is a nursing home that has a curious pair of ghosts residing on the premises. An elderly man and woman are often seen wandering about the halls. Although side-by-side, the two do not seem to speak to one another, but can be viewing entering one of the rooms together. When workers catch sight of the couple and try to follow them, they are nowhere to be found. The kitchen of the nursing home has been reported to offer a wealth of poltergeist activity. For example, once stove burner turned on without anyone standing by them. Another incident dealt with the tossing of a rather heavy coffee can that fell to the floor without anyone putting his or her hands on it.


In Missouri, some cities feature more tales of intrigue and wonder than others. This is the case in Kirksville, as a local cemetery, college, and stretch of apartments offer tales of paranormal mystery. For starters, there is a cemetery in Kirksville that possesses a headstone that is in the shape of a chair. Rumors have it that some of the people who have sat in the chair die soon after. At the Kirksville Collage of Osteopathy Medicine, there is a ghost said to wander about the halls of the college and hospital that is connected to the walkway. Witnesses claim that it is the spirit of A.T. Still for which a university and school library is named after. At Truman State University, anyone living in the Campbell Apartments may have the chance to catch sight of the ghost of an old woman that is known to roam about the premises.




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