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World War II's Haunted Island
Posted In: Ghost And Demons  1/12/06
By: Yona Williams

When you are interested in finding out some of the haunted locations, legends and tales regarding Japan, World War II has left some unsettled spirits and souls. There are many haunted spots that can be found within this small, island country, including air bases, hospitals and other military-related areas.


The Atsugi Naval Air Base (BEQ 985) is the site where the spirit of a man can be spotted visiting various rooms. It is said that he is the ghost of a marine that was involved in a car accident during the 60s. The Barracks 1687, Room 301, located in Iwakuni is the site where a Marine committed suicide. Drunk and angry, the Marine broke a mirror and slit his wrists with a broken piece. Some say his face can be seem staring back at you when you look into the mirror.


When you reach the well-known city of Hiroshima, you will learn that the souls of nuclear bomb victims from World War II can be encountered here. Some believe that the souls of these victims can be found within the shadows of the living. Another area similar to Hiroshima is called Nagasaki, where souls of nuclear victims have been reported to haunt the area. Some claim to have heard voices crying out for help, as well as screaming.


The field hospital that can be found in Kanagawa Prefecture is located at the same place as a military base named Sagami Depot. The hospital is home to a variety of noises, as well as sightings of odd individuals walking about.


In Okinawa, when you reach Camp Hansen’s Gate #3, you will encounter a soldier displaying World War II clothing. Blood can be seen on his fatigues and he is sporting a cigarette in his hand. Some have claimed that he can be heard asking people for a light for his cigarette. Military police have reported to light his cigarette and as soon as this was done, he would disappear. The gate was eventually forced to close because of this ghost’s presence; they were unable to keep a guard at the gate. Across from this gate, it has been documented that the area was once the site of a deep battle between Samurai. Some claim to hear the groans of Samurai Warriors as they lie on the ground dying. Additional haunted spots in Okinawa include the HQ Spec Troops Barracks, the USAF Storage Area, Marine Housing, as well as the WWII Room, where some have felt an unexplainable coldness touching them.


The Weekly Mansion in Akasaka, Tokyo is reported to be haunted. Some have said that they were greeted by visions that would stand by the end of their beds. Other odd occurrences included a white mist that came out of the vents; cold spots within rooms, as well as lights coming on and off on their own. Others claimed to have been touched by someone that could not be seen within the room. Tokyo is also home to a small child that can be found roaming the halls of the Square Building during the night. Once he is spotted, he will disappear.

In Yokohama, the location of a World War II concentration camp can be found. It is said that the Japanese army forced thousands of Korean and Chinese people to work here. Currently, the site serves as military housing, which still hold five incinerators in the area. Three gates are used to separate the camp from the Japanese community. Guards have stated that at the middle gate, there have been strange voices and footsteps heard. Some have also claimed to feel someone or something watching them. Apparitions have also been sighted here.


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