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7/23/14- Mark of the Beast- Eating Dead Flesh!  
There is only one unforgivable sin which leads to death, and this is the same sin that the serpent beguiled Adam and Eve into committing in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit of Death, Sin and Death were brought into the world. The Mark of the Beast will be a repeat of the same temptation which will bring death to the people who eat thereof.
7/16/14- Good Fruit Vs. Bad Fruit  
God wrote this message Very Clearly all around us. But men keep distorting it.
7/13/14- The Original Sin- Eating Death  
Sin and Death were brought Into The World By Eating Dead Animal Flesh. God Has Been Leading Us Back To Righteousness But Man's Hearts Have Been Hardened. God Sent Many Prophets To Bring Us This Message But Man Keeps Killing Them And Suppressing This Truth.
6/20/13- Monsanto Wins World Food Prize Award For Poisoning The World  
Monsanto Executive wins “Nobel Prize” for agriculture for it's role in developing Genetically Engineered Crops.
10/11/12- Ocean Spray Cranberry GMO Deception- Beware  
Today I called Ocean Spray to inquire about GMOs and Fluoride in their Cranberry line of juices. It turns out even though their label boldly advertises "No High Fructose Corn Syrup" they still use GMOS by replacing it with GMO Beet Sugar! And they donated HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS to reject the GMO Labeling Bill!
8/1/12- Is the New Smart Pill the Doctor's Big Brother?  
The FDA has just approved a new digital smart pill that is capable in documenting your every health need imaginable. Soon doctors will be able to monitor your daily health without you ever stepping foot into the doctors office. But what other real world applications does this pill have? And is your health the only thing their concerned about?
4/9/12- Monsanto Will Sue Vermont If They Pass GMO Labeling Bill -WOW  
Who is Monsanto? They are the company responsible for the Laboratory Biofoods we are forced to eat without even having the right to know. Now they are threatening to sue Vermont if they pass a bill that requires food companies to label GMOs. Monsanto argued this in high court in the past and won. Apparently, you do NOT have the right to know what they feed you!
3/29/12- Verified- Newman's Own Corn, Soy, Oils, Etc May Have GMOS  
Today I emailed The Newman's Own company and inquired about GMO's. Here is the deal with Newman's and GMOs. And I got a response.... Read More in this article...
3/28/12- Verified- Schmuckers Has GMO's and Laboratory Produced Agents  
Today we bought All Natural Peanut Butter from Schmuckers. The ingredients said nothing more than peanuts and salt. No mention of GMO's. So I called them to get the answer.... Read to find out..

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