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8-bit ZOMBIE Clothing Still Connects with Illuminati Symbolism Past
Posted In: Information and Theories  2/6/14
By: Sarah Wilson

Despite claiming to operate as a company that "loves all things 80's" which includes movies, music, cartoons, toys and video gaming, 8-bit ZOMBIE also embraces what they call "a fondness for zombies and other things that go bump in the night." As they refer to their merchandise as "radical to the max,' it's pretty much an understatement as you browse some of the designs plastered across the graphic T-shirts and other goods once sold on an online store front called Store Envy. The company seemed to also have a distinct fondness for the Illuminati as well.

Today, the main website of 8-bit ZOMBIE continues to rely heavily on skull imagery and themes of the 80s, but still keeps their Story Envy storefront open so that all the people who purchased their previous Illuminati and occult-centered merchandise could find their other online storefront.

Some of the clothing sold on Store Envy includes:


The Patriot Hat

The red, white, and blue color scheme of the Patriot Hat incorporates a few nods to 80s colors and design, but the front of the hat also offers up a distinct triangle with a single eye in the middle. As if you didn't think the hat was disturbing enough already…the underneath of the hat's rim features a skull with bony hands. Since the skull only has one eyeball visible and a hollowed second eye, it appears as if it is representing single eye symbolism as well. The shop also sold other variations of this design in different color schemes.
Birth of Icarus Shirt

The winged character on the front of the T-shirt is Icarus, who is featured in a Greek myth centered on the son of a master craftsman who attempts to use wings fashioned out of feathers and wax to escape from Crete. With instructions telling him not to fly too close to the sun, he disregards them, where he then falls from the sky and into the sea. The sun's heat melted the wax on the wings, and sent him drowning to his death. The single eye symbolism is creepily positioned above the sad-looking character.

Darko Tee

The Darko Tee pays homage to a science fiction movie, and the featured duality on the front of the shirt just so happens to incorporate single-eye symbolism. Interestingly, the movie focuses on the title character who is in search of learning the meaning and significance behind Doomsday-related visions that have been plaguing his mind. A figure wearing what is described as a 'monstrous rabbit costume' plays an important role in the film, which has since become a cult classic. As you view the movie poster used to advertise the movie, you will see the evil-looking rabbit figure that greatly resembles a skull with horns.


Godmachine Hat

At one point, the company sold a limited edition hat that leaves nothing to the imagination as to if they meant to intentionally promote occult symbolism…Referred to as a "dark" hat, key features include a Baphomet with pentagram on the 'forehead' that serves as part of the front design. Other parts of the hat include crossed keys, and the all-seeing Illuminati eye added onto the brim.


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