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Beyonce: Decoding the Meaning Behind 2014 Grammy Award Performances
Posted In: Information and Theories  1/31/14
By: Sarah Wilson

With categories that span across a wide range of musical styles and genres, millions of people tune in to see who took home a Grammy, won 'Best New Artist,' and of course, to take in the performances which come from some of the most popular and buzz worthy musicians within the industry. One of the most anticipated of performances is the one that opens up the show. It's supposed to entertain, bring laughs, or 'ooos' and 'ahhhs' with the setting, dancers, or melodic singing. This year, the opening act seemed like a slap in the people's face.

Beyonce seems to be doing the same exact thing as Katy Perry…producing music disguised as female empowerment, yet using an overly aggressive, overly sexualized, and sometimes violent approach.

And, there is no doubt that Beyonce and her suspected Illuminati inducted husband, Jay-Z, are a power couple to be reckoned with in the music industry. It seems that the two are allowed to 'get away' with creative expression that consistently pushes the envelope.

You may have already heard the stories of Jay-Z trying to ban certain artists from award shows for personal reasons. And apparently, a half-naked Beyonce is more acceptable than a half-naked Miley Cyrus….because there didn't seem to be as many critics expressing their disappointment in the sexual nature of her performance with Jay-Z.

There is no doubt that Beyonce's sexually-charged performance did not get the same kind of criticism as Miley Cyrus did. The headlines did not erupt with head-shaking or finger-wagging. Instead, many people Tweeted on how 'in charge' the singer was. Words, phrases, and commentary such as 'Queen,' 'ruling the 'game,' 'everybody must bow down,' and 'all hail Queen Bey' were tossed around.

For some reason, it seemed that the majority of people let it slide, the media were relatively silent, and it appeared that most people decided to give praise to a performance that quite frankly, did not provide as much entertainment value as everyone claimed it did.  

As people continue to place this 'power' couple on a pedestal, more and more people will find it acceptable to view half-naked women performing on stage, singing about violence in relationships, and abusing the role model for young women that they claim they'd like to be. There comes a time when the people do not accept the irresponsible behavior of celebrities in a position of power that abuse their of celebrity status. The terminology sometimes used to describe Beyonce, (and the Beyonce and Jay-Z union), is often disturbing…as if they are some sort of ruling couple with a hoard of followers. Beyonce has already caught flak for the previous "posing in front of Jesus in the Last Supper mural' fiasco. Both she and her husband have sent out mixed messages regarding religion, especially Jay-Z, who often inserts symbolism and references to the Devil, Satan, and not believing in God.

Back to the Grammys… Beyonce's performance also had a bit of a Kitten Beta Programming feel to it. She opened the show, and her lyrics certainly prompted plenty of parents to send their children to bed early. Later, after she provocatively danced about the stage, she grinded on her husband while he groped her body. Some dismiss it as a wife dancing sensually for her husband, while their actions are clearly something that should be kept behind doors, and not forced upon the wide range of viewers tuning into the Grammys.

Since many media outlets did not tear apart the performance (like they did when Miley Cyrus performed in a similar fashion), it initially seemed to slip past the radar of indecency. Once again, Beyonce and Jay-Z are given a pass…and in a strange twist, received great praise for their Grammy duet. It's like the public is mesmerized with the two artists, and that's a powerful influence that those with a New World Order agenda like to take advantage of.


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