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Billboard Music Recognizes Suspected Illuminati Puppets, Katy Perry and Rihanna, as Having the Most #1 Pop Hits
Posted In: Information and Theories  2/10/14
By: Sarah Wilson

Although Katy Perry is trending in the news for upsetting Beatles fans for changing the words of their iconic song, 'Yesterday' during a tribute of the Fab Four, she's also making headlines for achieving something different in the music world. The latest music news surrounding the songstress is the fact that Perry has been recognized by Billboard Magazine as tying her friend, suspected Illuminati princess Rihanna, for producing the most number one pop hits.

Perry is no stranger to being associated with the Illuminati, secret society symbolism, and kitten beta programming. She also made a rather strong statement with her choice of props, imagery, and visual message used for her performance of 'Dark Horse' at the Grammys. The occult-heavy performance incorporated plenty of references to witchcraft (including broomsticks and demonic-like possession) – so much so that viewers likened it to watching a ritual being performed in front of their very eyes.

Since Perry is believed to have a link or support symbolism related to the Illuminati, it is no wonder that she has enjoyed such success in the music world. After all, being affiliated with the secret society is supposed to translate into achieving success or getting what they desire.

Interestingly, some of the latest songs that have helped both ladies enjoy success on the Billboard music charts also have a significant meaning. They both recently earned recognition for joining forces with male rappers with questionable histories related to the music world.

For example, when Perry earned her place right next to Rihanna, it was the song 'Dark Horse' which features rapper Juicy J (of 'Three Six (666) Mafia fame) that helped her get there. This is the particular song marked the eleventh number one single for Perry, while Rihanna earned accolades for her recent collaboration with Eminem when their song 'The Monster' became a number one single. Eminem is another artist who has had his fair share of 'demons' to battle, and has repeatedly embraced occult and Illuminati symbolism in his music, music videos, and photo shoots.

Also, there is no love lost between the two artists…they are also good friends. They hang out all of the time. Perry and Rihanna have been seen traveling together, vacationing together, lounging on yachts, and partying at the same events. They've even alerted their fans that while they have spoken about collaborating for years, they are moving closer towards producing something together.

Another interesting point to make about the Billboard #1 Pop Hits List is the other people who are trailing behind Perry and Rihanna's numbers. Lady Gaga has seven number one hits, and we all know how she loves to embrace single eye symbolism, pyramids, and the '666' hand gesture. Beyonce surprisingly only has six – a number that she shares with Mariah Carey, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, and Britney Spears, who some believe is a mind-controlled entertainer whose past erratic behavior could have very well been a 'cry for help' or her way of 'breaking free' from her 'handlers.'


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