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Disney Show 'Gravity Falls' is Still Exposing Children to Questionable Symbolism and Themes
Posted In: Information and Theories  6/30/13
By: Sarah Wilson

Yesterday marks the one-year anniversary since the Disney Channel Original Series titled 'Gravity Falls,' officially debuted to the public. The renewal of a second season soon followed, and today, youthful viewers are still exposed to problematic symbolism and themes, which includes imagery related to the Illuminati. Why does it seem that Disney wants today's youths to grow up so fast, and why do they keep putting out programming that exposes children to both blatant and hidden messages related to the occult and other questionable themes?

The younger generation is highly impressionable, and the constant exposure to themes such as single-eye symbolism and the all-seeing eye makes such imagery increasingly accepted. As they grow older, it becomes easier for them to accept some of the things that may unscrupulously occur right under their noses. These visual messages help to influence and create new generations who are completely in the dark about despicable plots against humankind, such as the desire to depopulate the world in accordance to the New World Order agenda.

Whether done intentionally or not, shows geared towards younger viewers, such as 'Gravity Falls' play a small part in desensitizing the minds of hoards of children, pre-teens, and teenagers.

The plot of 'Gravity Falls' centers on the exploits of a twin brother and sister duo named Dipper and Mabel, whose parents send them to live with their great-uncle in an Oregon town called Gravity Falls. The uncle runs a tourist attraction called the Mystery Shack, which is filled with oddities and the bizarre. The episodes display the twins navigating the town, as well as encountering a heap of strange happenings along the way.


In the first episode, one of the twins finds a mysterious book that details the peculiar, paranormal side of Gravity Falls. When taking a look at some of the features in the cartoon, you will encounter the following:

1. A Nod to Freemasons –The twins will be staying with their Uncle Stan, who we see is wearing a curious-looking hat. To the younger generation, it means nothing, but some adults may recognize it as headwear worn by Shriners, who have a connection to Freemasonry. While sitting in his chair, you'll notice that he is also covering one eye (single-eye symbolism).

2. Illuminated Pyramid and All-Seeing Eye – For an extremely brief moment at the end of the intro for the show, viewers encounter a cartoonish illuminated pyramid and all-seeing eye. The rest of the scroll-like paper displays additional symbolism related to magic and the occult. Throughout the first episode, there are several different instances where the all-seeing eye, pyramids (or triangles), and eyeballs appear.

Note the image where the twins are walking across a rug with the illuminated pyramid. In the background, you will also see a hexagram, which has connections to the occult and Freemasonry.


3. Owls – Uncle Stan owns two owl clocks, which is significant since the bird represents an ancient symbol of the occult elite. The owl is also said to have meaning to members of the Illuminati and the Bohemian Grove (another group of elite).

Other episode themes of 'Gravity Falls' that raise eyebrows include:

  • Episode 19 ("Dreamscapers") – features a dream demon.
  • Episode 17 ("Boyz Crazy") – Mabel learns that her favorite boy band are really imprisoned clones, and although she sets them free, she later decides to keep them for herself. On the other end, Dipper believes an employee of the Mystery Shack is in danger of being brainwashed by a secret message hidden inside of a song.
  • Episode 11 ("Little Dipper") – talk of magic crystals that can change the size of the main characters.
  • Episode 7 ("Double Dipper") – a mysterious photocopier creates clones of Dipper.


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