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Disturbing Photos of Kanye West's Interview Magazine Feature Circulate the Internet & Spark a Bit of Controversy
Posted In: Information and Theories  2/18/14
By: Sarah Wilson

It's no wonder that Beyonce has chosen to team up with the suspected Illuminati collaborator of her husband Jay-Z to produce a remix to her 'Drunk in Love' single. Teasers of a Kanye-West and Beyonce collaboration regarding the song recently hit the Internet, and continues to keep West in the spotlight. The entertainer is still gaining attention from photos circulating the Web associated with a recent magazine interview that incorporated themes of the Illuminati blended with interesting nods to mind control.

Kanye West is known for sparking controversy through the lyrics of his music, live performances, television appearances, the visual elements of his music videos, and of course, through photo shoots filled with symbolism and hidden meanings – all of which aim to push the envelope of public acceptance.

The photos that have caused viewers to pause and discuss are from a piece on the prolific rapper for the February issue of Interview Magazine features an interview conducted by British film director, Steve McQueen, who just happened to direct the '12 Years A Slave.'

Words that have been used to describe the feature piece, where West also appears on the cover of the February issue, include 'bizarre,' 'artistic,' 'dark,' and 'evil.' Why? Let's take a look at some of the Kanye West photos used to accompany his interview, and highlight some of the symbolism and meaning behind some of the imagery.

For starters, the cover speaks a thousand words.

It seems that the title of the magazine is written in a scorched and fiery manner that creates thoughts of 'hell' or the 'Devil.' Flames surround the title of the magazine, as well as are seen coming from the mouth of West. To look at the cover, you'd think that West was 'burning in hell.' Also, his face has a reddish tint, which further adds to the perceived concept of the cover.

West takes more than one picture that seems to depict a mechanical-like covering that hides his entire face. However, look closely at one of the spaces where his eye should be…there is a circular piece positioned over it, which creates a creepy single eye symbolism effect. At the center of his forehead (or between his eyes) is a jewel encrusted cross hidden in the midst of the jumble.

Interestingly, in the majority of the photos for the Interview Magazine piece, West's face is covered, and in an array of disturbing manners. In one photo, it looks as if he is wearing a 'dominatrix'-looking head (or something that 'Pinhead from the horror movie 'Hellraiser' would wear) covering while he stands with open shirt and a gold chain dangling down the center of his chest.

West also appears in a photo in what looks like his face is covered with the plastic of a bodybag. A strategically placed white strip has been positioned over his mouth. Another interesting part of the shoot shows West in a black and white photo, where he appears somewhat 'illuminated.' From the center of his chest to the bottom of the photo, a white pyramid shape is seen…is this a coincidence or intentional?


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