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Kanye West Continues to Toy with Religion; and Make a Mockery of Jesus with his 'Yeezus' Tour
Posted In: Information and Theories  10/24/13
By: Sarah Wilson

There is no doubt that Kanye West is a talented yet controversial music performer who throughout his career has made religious statements throughout his acts, music videos, and lyrics. In recent years, West has been likening himself to Jesus, even going as far as to call himself 'Yeezus.' The most recent hype to hit news headlines is his inclusion of a white Jesus that appears on stage during his tour performances.

An interview with WiLD 94.9′s 'The JV Show' in San Francisco (as well as many others around the Bay Area) reveal some of the rapper's thoughts regarding the Illuminati, 'touring with Jesus,' and the business.

West has recently launched his 'Yeezus Tour,' which has sparked controversy with his portrayal of Jesus, as a look-a-like appears during his concert in Seattle. Many shocked concert-goers saw a barefoot 'Jesus' wearing a white robe arrive onstage right before West perform 'Jesus Walks.' West justified his use of a Jesus look-a-like as being part of his artistic expression, and used paintings, sculpture, and a moving opera as some of the ways to describe the magnitude of his creativity.

While many have accused West of making a mockery of religion and committing blasphemous acts regarding some of the ways he chooses to creatively express himself, West sees nothing wrong with it. He dismisses his decision to 'bring Jesus with him on tour' as something 'awesome about Christianity' where people are 'allowed to portray God.' He went on to say that other religions do not allow people to draw images or make movies about their gods, but Christians do.

When questioned about his relationship with Jesus, West replies that he is a performance artist and is a believer, and spoke of Him as a 'hero' – using a comparison of people wanting to 'be like Mike' (as in basketball star Michael Jordan), where he wants to 'be like Christ.' However, calling himself 'Yeezus' is viewed by many as blasphemous, and some feel that the rapper is likening himself to being on the same level as a god.

Of course, no interview with Kanye isn't complete without a mention or reference to the Illuminati. When asked about the secret society that so many feel the entertainer has ties to, West replied, "It’s a sexy word. We could make a cologne out of it or something. There's only two things on my mind when I create, God and Jesus.'

Another topic of discussion in the West interview centered on how the celebrity 'changes' according to the groups of people that he is around, which has been referred to as putting on his 'white voice.' According to MTV News, West exclaimed during a performance in Seattle in a joking manner, "White Jesus, is that you? … Oh, sh**!" – something that could easily upset someone.

Whether he's offending the religious or calling himself a genius, West continuously stirs trouble, as well as incites chaos and controversy wherever he goes… For example, some of the merchandise sold at the Seattle concert incorporates T-shirts with the Confederate flag accompanied by the words, 'we ain't coming down.' Members of the African American community are offended by West creating T-shirts that appear to support (even if in a satirical, jesting manner) racist undertones.

While many view West as a talented, controversial music artist, others are a bit more suspicious and feel that he is an Illuminati puppet where the questionable agenda of others plays a role in some of the messages and trends that West passes onto his fans.


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