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Kill Star Clothing Does Not Hide the Satanic/Occult Nature of Its Company
Posted In: Information and Theories  10/15/13
By: Sarah Wilson

In the world of today's fashion, we are constantly trying to decipher the different kinds of messages that some clothing companies are sending in the designs, trends, colors, phrases, and symbolism. Some symbolism and the meaning behind it are kept hidden, while others are more in-your-face and blatant, such as the designs associated with the British company, Kill Star Clothing, which actually goes by the tagline of 'Occult Luxury.' Nearly every single T-shirt, sweatshirt and hoodie design falls under the category of disturbing.

There's no denying the Satanic and occult nature of Kill Star Clothing. You'll certainly make a strong fashion statement if you continuously shop from controversial clothing that hails from the United Kingdom. As soon as you visit the website that displays an array of men and women's fashion (as well as accessories), you are greeted by upside down crosses, Baphomet (Goat of Mendes, various pentagrams, obscene language, and references of the occult and Satan. Aiming to provide an outlet for consumers looking for 'Occult Couture,' the website describes the concept of the company as offering clothing "with a twist of darkness, channeling emotional power and raw energy into every thread."

Shipping internationally, Kill Star is found in shops across the world, including the United States, Switzerland, Hong Kong, France, and Australia. In addition to making controversial clothing, Kill Star also markets accessories, including skull necklaces, pentagram earrings, and hats – some decorated with inverted crosses and other questionable symbols, while others flash words such as 'cursed, ' 'kill,' 'evil,' 'witch,' and 'death.' Another hat design featured on Kill Star's website incorporates a pentagram with the Egyptian-like Eye of Horus.

To get an idea of the endless Satanic and occult messages that the company promotes, consider the following men's and women's clothing designs currently found on the Kill Star website:


  • Barbie inside of a pentagram
  • Black Magic rockstar-like design with a black cat incorporated
  • References to mind control, including Mickey Mouse programming
  • 'Wasted Youth' with an inverted cross representing the 'T' in 'Youth'
  • Tanks displaying the words: 'Born to Raise Hell,' ''Hot as Hell,' and 'Go to Hell'
  • Tunic dress displaying the tarot card for the Devil
  • 'Hail Satan' and Lucifer worship sweatshirts


  • Baphomet T-shirts and sweatshirts
  • Inverted cross on a tank that incorporates a bat graphic
  • Sweatshirt showing a pentagram made out of bones that reads 'Bad to the Bone.'
  • T-shirts and tanks depicting the tarot card for Death
  • Attire that announces 'God is Dead'
  • An Eye of Horus sweatshirt inside of a pyramid
  • T-shirts that mock religion, such as 'No God but Pizza' with slices in the shape of a pentagram

Not only does Kill Star Clothing promote Satanic references and occult symbols, but several clothing pieces embrace sex kitten programming (a form of mind control for females), which centers on animal prints that mimic the look of creatures, such as the cheetah and leopard. Some tops have phrases printed on them that say 'Meow Mother F*** [explicit word]***' and 'I'm a Cat.'


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