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Lady Gaga Appears on SNL, and Can't Help Tossing in a Pop of Illuminati Symbolism
Posted In: Information and Theories  11/18/13
By: Sarah Wilson

Last Saturday, Lady Gaga took over the iconic comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL) as not only the musical guest, but also the host. While she refrained from incorporating Illuminati symbolism into her performance for her latest tune, 'Do What U Want' with crooner R. Kelly, she did manage to insert the single-eye symbolism and '666' hand gesture as she delivered the introduction that all hosts are known to do. Lady Gaga has heavily embraced such symbolism throughout her career, and continues to do so in some of her most recent media appearances.     

ARTPOP album

Released on October 21, 2013, the 'Do What U Want' duet with R. Kelly that has been circulating the airwaves is the second single released from her ARTPOP album – the third studio production for the pop singer. The first single, 'Applause,' was released on August 12, 2013, and reached the number four position on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

The cover for the ARTPOP album has led to critics dissecting the Jeff Koons inspired artistic depiction of the singer who embodies 'goddess'-like qualities. In the background of the album cover, you will see Sandro Botticell's 'The Birth of Venus,' which has played a role in the influence of the singer's image throughout Artpop. If you caught the MTV Music Awards, where she opened the show with a performance of 'Applause,' she ended with a seashell brassiere ensemble that mirrors the imagery of the Botticelli work of art. During that performance, Gaga managed to expose the audience and TV viewers to flashes of the '666' hand gesture and all-seeing eye symbolism – even her background dancers chimed in.

The 'goddess' imagery seen on the album cover has sparked a debate with some with claims that a hidden meaning lies in the choice of cover art. They argue that the Illuminati and the occult (and Freemasons as well) all have an obsession with worshipping female goddesses. Interestingly, Venus has also been known in some circles as 'Lucifer' or the light bearer.

The music video for 'Applause' also incorporates Illuminati-related symbolism, as scenes depicting Gaga floating from the air in an outfit with broken wings, dancers who form pyramids below the singer, nods to black magic, the all-seeing eye (single eye symbolism), and the '666' hand gesture.

A September 9 performance of 'Applause' on Good Morning America also created a buzz because of the hidden symbolism related to her channeling the Wizard of Oz. Interestingly, the author of the book, L. Frank Baum, was a member of the Theosophy Society, which is known for embracing occult beliefs. Dressed as Dorothy, the singer saunters down a 'yellow brick road' during the performance.  In her version of the 'Good Witch,' she and her dancers use the '666' hand gesture.

Dre Beats Connection

The single 'Do What U Want' has also been gaining quite a bit of airplay and recognition as it is the background music for a Best Buy commercial that features Dre Beats products. Across the Internet, there has also been chatter about the line of Dre Beats as having a connection to Illuminati-fueled investors and a link to a widespread propaganda campaign put on my the entertainment industry, which is discussed further in the article, XXX.


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