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Popular Artist Coop Bases the Majority of His Artwork on 'Devil Girls'
Posted In: Information and Theories  3/11/14
By: Sarah Wilson

With an assortment of scantily-clad 'Devil' girls and a grinning, cigar-smoking devil appearing on the majority of his merchandise, artist Coop (who is primarily described as being a 'hot rod artist') has made a living concentrating on Devil imagery in his art projects. Although the online store called that churns out a wide range of products supporting his devilish art is said to no longer be affiliated with the artist, Coop's graphic illustrations continue to be sold as designs for the likes of Zippo lighters, stationary sets, and even belt buckles…

In addition to an assortment of clothing items geared towards men, women and children, sells many different items centered on the 'Devil' theme, which include:

* Porcelain Figurines – Cold cast porcelain 'Devil' girls (painted by someone other than the artist) comes in a collectible box personally designed by Coop.

* Limited Edition Poker Chips – Featuring the trademark Coop artwork of a grinning, smoking Devil on one side, the other sides of the pokers (which come in a range of denominations) have a unique design of their own.

* Coop Playing Cards – Offering a full deck of playing cards with a variety of Coop designs and artwork, some of the graphics include blasphemous religious figures, 'Devil' women, and of course, the Joker card is represented by a horned Devil character.

* Coffee Table Books and Prints – It is not surprising that a book and print duo featuring a collection of Coop's work would be titled, "Devil’s Advocate: The Art of Coop." The website sells as unsigned and unnumbered limited edition books that come with a signed and numbered mini-print. Another ironic nugget of information is that only 666 of them were made.

* Devil License Plate – The bright red, smoking Devil character also graces the artwork of a vinyl license plate, which also incorporates a pair of wrenches that are positioned to create skull and crossbones symbolism.

Outside of the online store, the artist Coop has also made a name for himself in the music world (especially during the 1990s), appealing to various bands and music labels who wish to have a poster or an album cover created by the artist. He has provided posters for the following bands:

•    Lords of Acid – In the uncensored version of the cover art, posters, and T-shirts that Coop's design appeared on for the band, the artwork involves an orgy-like scene of naked "devilish" women with horns protruding from the forehead and pointed tails. The setting that the characters appear in resembles a cave or fireless pit of Hell.

•    Green Day – A poster made for Green Day depicts an alien zapping a man with what appears to be a ray gun of some sort. The shirt that the character is wearing features what is known as the "anarcho-punk" circle-A symbol.

•    The Reverend Horton Heat – A concert poster for a show in Grand Rapids, Michigan presents a red-deviled girl lounging with a cigarette between her fingers. She is positioned in a sensual pose with her bare backside in the air.


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